10 Safety Tips for Joggers: Marcello Pedalino on The Wall Street Journal’s Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero

Consider these 10 safety tips from lifestyle consultant and author of Celebrate Life, Marcello Pedalino, before your next jog or outdoor workout;

1) Run with a friend or a group: There is strength in numbers.

2) Take your ear buds out: Being completely aware of your surroundings is vital.

3) Carry your phone: If you get lost, feel uncomfortable in a location, or suffer an injury, you’ll want to be able to make a call asap.

4) Be unpredictable: Try to alter your route and workout time periodically.

5) Bring your dog: If it’s a sizable dog, it can help protect you or intimidate an unwelcome stranger.

6) Be visible: Wear a reflective vest and a headlamp if you are riding before dawn or at dusk.

7) Know the law: Runners, joggers, and walkers travel against traffic. Cyclists travel with traffic.

8) Be punctual: Let a friend or family member know when to expect you back home.

9) Choose your location carefully: Avoid desolate areas with low visibility, especially when alone.

10) Be prepared: Runner’s pepper spray can give you a fighting chance in a worst case scenario.


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