Dramatically Different Results: Marcello Completes The Professional Process Training with Peter Merry

Marcello trains with Peter Merry, the author of The Best Wedding Reception... Ever!

How does an award winning entertainment and event production company stay on top of the latest industry trends and continue to offer their clients a fun, unique and memorable experience for their once in a lifetime celebration? Simple.  They put in a lot of time and effort when it comes to continuing education.

Case in point, Peter Merry, the author of the new wedding bible, The Best Wedding Reception… Ever!, was in town to deliver his Professional Process curriculum.  My hand still hurts from taking so many notes.

Peter is considered one of the top Master of Ceremonies in the business. When my wife and I got married five years ago, we flew him in from California to make sure our event was elegant, yet festive and that our guests attended a “celebration with style.”  And boy did he deliver.  Since then, Peter and I have remained good friends- and fortunately for my clients, Peter has been a non-stop source of extraordinary ideas to implement into MMP’s social and corporate events when the need arises.

The Best Wedding Reception... Ever! cover.

The Best Wedding Reception... Ever!

Peter is also the President of the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild, an elite group of 20 entertainment professionals from the U.S and Canada who specialize in wedding receptions. I’m proud to be the only member from the tri-state area who qualified.  It was a rigorous application process which took over 3 months to complete.   My acceptance and current membership helps MMP’s discerning clientele distinguish our level of service and talent from all the other available alternatives- and to justify the significant difference in investment; Peter’s hands-on guidance and educational content has proven to be a priceless source of validation to this end.

I look forward to introducing all of the advanced level techniques I learned regarding entertainment, decor,  hospitality and event production concepts at our upcoming design sessions and celebrations.

It’s funny, The Professional Process made me feel like Luke Skywalker hangin’ with Yoda for two days of Jedi training.

“There are plenty of DJ Entertainment companies out there.  They all play music and they all make announcements…  but with dramatically different results.” – Peter Merry

You be the judge.  At your convenience, compare this, or this, to that. 🙂

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