Don’t Let Me Down: A Father and Son Duet

If you don’t like the song or even if you don’t like the Beatles… it doesn’t matter.

You’ll  love Christian Diego Mello’s awesome cover version of Don’t Let Me Down with his son on backup guitar and hysterical vocals.

Thanks to my good friend and Perfect Host, Jim Cerone, for bringing this gem to all of his facebook fans.

Health and happiness,

The Perfect Host: Indy’s Jim Cerone Lives Up To His Title

The Perfect Host: Indy's only Wedding Entertainment Director, Jim Cerone

“He’s a gentleman and a scholar.”  That’s a  phrase you can’t use too often anymore and probably why Jim Cerone stands out from the crowd.   I’m sure being 6ft. 4 also helps the cause.

Cerone is the only  certified Wedding Entertainment Director from Indianapolis and one of the finest special event performers in the country. Need some more street cred?  No problem…  (or as Jim likes to say, “My Pleasure.”  Cerone was recently elected to serve as Indiana’s President for the International Special Events Society.

This past week, Jim hosted an exclusive  business conference at the luxurious Conrad Hotel.  The V.I.P list of attendees were treated to three days of top-notch educational seminars from some of the best and brightest speakers on the circuit.  I’d love to reveal the line-up and what we all learned, but then you’d see a pop up window saying that your computer will self-destruct in 5 seconds. What I  can divulge is that MMP’s social and corporate clientele will appreciate what we implement in the coming months.

To earn the reputation of The Perfect Host, you’ve really got to be firing on all cylinders as a professional and be:

Marcello Pedalino, Jim Cerone & Jason Jani taking a Celebrate Life study break in Indianapolis

1) Someone who not only picks you up from the airport, but comes inside for an hour just so you can watch the extended time and shootout of the U.S Women’s Soccer Championship game…

2) Someone who continually asks “is there anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable” when a 104 degree heat-wave hits town…

3)  Someone who personally guides a walking tour along the gorgeous canals in the morning for those who like to exercise and see the sights…

4) And Someone who prioritizes his life by making time to sit down and eat with his lovely wife, Rosie, and play with his well-mannered sons, Jimmy and Joey, at the pool even though he has a formidable list of type A over-achievers to  coddle for the week…

With sincere gratitude and a humble tip of the hat, I offer kudos and congrats to The Perfect Host… my dear friend, Jim Cerone.  -mp


“It’s Just a Party for 15,000 People, and You’re Invited.” – Michael Bublé is the Perfect Host at Madison Square Garden

Michael Buble

Michael Buble

In the mobile entertainment industry, my good friend, Jim Cerone, is known as the Perfect Host.   In the contemporary pop-jazz category that features old-school romance and classic performances  like Sinatra and the rat pack used to bring to the table, Michael Buble is as close to perfection as they come.

I know a lot of talented emcees, but I’m not sure if any of them could make 15,000 people feel like they were sitting in the front row at the Copacabana with such poise and savior-fair.  Did I mention that Michael can accomplish this without a microphone too?  (If you’ve never been to a MB show, Buble always performs one track…un-plugged-acapella.   I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t seen him do it at three concerts.)

As always, Michael mixed in just the right amount of newer releases like Everything and Haven’t Met You Yet with his modernized versions of classics like Georgia and Heartache Tonight.   What everyone will be talking about today though will be his heartfelt impromptu shout-out to his grandfather who was in the audience and his mini-Michael Jackson tribute. The band ripped into Billie Jean to the delight of the crowd and Buble almost brought the house down when he did the moonwalk after singing the first chorus.

I’d like to welcome Danielle, Joanna & Luigi to the MMP family.  They sat behind us and were the perfect fans.   They were reading all of Buble’s Wikipedia stats on their iPhones before the show started, (“did you know he was Italian and that his middle same was Steven?”) and knew almost every word to every song.   They also joined our little dance party when Michael did his homage to Ferris Bueller and sang Twist and Shout! The whole stadium, (except for about 18 party poopers who refused to get their butts up off their seats, smile and enjoy life for a few minutes) was up and dancing the night away.  What a moment!

Style, Class and Talent- MB


When Michael Buble told us “it’s just a party for 15,000 people and you’re invited” after the first set… we believed him.

I know we’ve got readers from all over the country so check out the Crazy Love Tour dates and treat yourself to a night of what Andy Ebon and James Cameron might consider perfection, you deserve it. Special thanks to our good friends, Mike and Kelly, for treating us last night. And it was a pleasure catching up with Dominick and getting to know his girlfriend, Sarina… best wishes with your nursing career.

P.s   Kudos to Mike who got up and ran the NYC half marathon in 1:45:18 this morning.   At dinner last night, Kelly joked that Mike only scans the first section of lengthy e-mails and articles- so he probably won’t even see this.

Southern Hospitality and Sunshine from the Music City

With the Nashville ADJA after the cruise

Zek Storm, Jim Cerone, Chuck Roberts, Mike Walter, Kelly Farmer, & Brian Snyder

A big thank you to our friends from Nashville, Tennessee, who hosted the DJ Retreat last Tuesday.  Even though they talk with a funny accent, they were a pleasure to work with and ran a smooth operation.

Kelly Farmer and the members of the Music City region are certainly giving this ADJA chapter something to talk about. After 10 days in a row of rain in the deep south, the sunshine made a welcomed return just in time for our visit.

Weddings That Wow!

Weddings That Wow!

The event was held at Nashville Shores at their outdoor amphitheater location.  The gorgeous weather and natural setting added to the unique and desirable experience for Mike and I as well as the attendees.

Mike presented, “Weddings that Wow”, The Methodology of Entertaining the Masses, I presented “Bar Mitzvah TNT”, Traditions and Techniques for an Exceptional Celebration, and then we teamed up for our interactive keynote on “Balance”, Personal Evolution for the Mobile Entrepreneur.

Based on the e-mails and texts so far, our presentations were well received.

Bar Mitzvah TNT

Bar Mitzvah TNT

I think it’s fair to say that Robin and Linda Knowles went home happy.

Marcello and Mike,

…”Your unbelievable energy really reached out to even Emcee Show Veterans like myself.  We listened again to everything you and Mike said all the way home to Memphis that same evening with our digital audio recorder.  We really learned some terrific things from you that we will certainly add to our shows!  It goes to show that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!”…

Robin and Linda

Rockin Robin’s Dj’s, Memphis TN.

With the Perfect Host, Jim Cerone

Mike & I with the Perfect Host, Jim Cerone

Nashville Sunset, Life Is Good!

Sunset on the water, a nice way to end the day, Life Is Good!

Special thanks to the event’s producer, Kelly Farmer, for extending the invitation and making sure we had everything we needed, to Brian Snyder for his entertaining city tour and taking us to the best steakhouse in Nashville, Fleming’s, to Zek Storm for his sound engineering services, to Chuck Roberts for complimenting the river cruise with his musical selections, to Mike Durham for providing the delicious cuisine, and to our good friend, Jim Cerone, for a nice evening at Mad Donna’s and for sharing his candids for this entry.

Many of the attendees drove over 3 hours to join us.  We certainly appreciate everyone’s efforts and taking the time out of your busy schedules to make the trip in.  It was nice spending the day with you all.

Man, we’re fixin’ to go back and visit y’all real soon.  🙂

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