MMP Entertainment Serving The Pomptonian for 20 Years!

Pomptonian Food Service, MMP Entertainment, Marcello Pedalino. Mark, Candy and Tanya Vidovich, Van Saun Park NJ

Marcello Pedalino and the MMP Entertainment team have been serving the Pomptonian from 1994 to 2014  !Talk about an impressive track record.
1) Entertaining the Pomptonian for 20 years.
2) *** A 20 year no-rain streak for their annual family picnic

We have had the pleasure of serving the Vidovich family and the Pomptonian through the years for their annual company picnic, managers meeting and board of education cocktail reception since 1994!

The company picnic, which takes place in Van Saun Park, is always my favorite.

Over 1500 people stop by eat, play games, win prizes, dance and enjoy a fun afternoon. 🙂

MMP Entertainment Serving The Pomptonian for 20 Years!


The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.

Pomptonian Food Service: A Positive Corporate Culture

Mark Vidovich, President of Pomptonian Food Service

MMP has had the pleasure of serving the Pomptonian Food Service team for almost 20 years.   Whether it’s their annual company picnic, networking gala or manager’s meeting, it’s always a blast to see how they mix productive business practices with fun and entertaining team building.

Pomptonian  is responsible for serving 180,000 healthy and tasty school lunches daily.  Yeah… that’s a lot of lunches!

If the logistics of running an operation on that scale weren’t daunting enough, the rules and regulations that have to be adhered to would make most businesses call it quits by the end of September.

Pomptonian keeps their team up to date and well-versed in all the latest laws and procedural requirements.  Sound a little boring?  Some of it is!  🙂   That’s why they hire MMP to re-energize the troops througout the 1/2 day gathering.

This little clip is an example of how Mark Vidovich, Pomptonian’s President, likes to see his “meetings” end.   Mark knows the importance of having a positive corporate culture:  one that instills inspiration and happiness in the hearts of its team members. 

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MMP Entertainment Teams Up with The Bethwood & Chef Poon for Pomptonian’s Annual Manager’s Meeting

(from left) Pomptonian VP- Candy Vidovich, Chef Poon & President- Mark Vidovich

Is it possible to make a manager’s meeting fun? If you ask Mark and Candy Vidovich, the President and Vice President of Pomptonian Food Service, the answer is a definitive, “YES!” …even if they do have to cover content like government regulations, business policies and accounting laws.

How? It’s pretty simple actually.  Just call up professional event facilitators like us who specialize in interactive corporate entertainment. And, if your budget permits, bring in a celebrity chef to present an informative and passionate cooking demonstration to stimulate your team.

Mark and Candy knew that throughout the daylong meeting, they’d have to present some mandatory topics that were admittedly a bit “dry and boring,” so the goal was treat their team to a well-paced itinerary that included a delicious breakfast buffet, some unique audience interaction, an inspiring state of the company address from the President, an impressive lunch spread, an enthusiastic recognition of veteran team members called The Platinum Club, and an interactive grand finale that featured some awesome prizes and genuine team camaraderie.

Pomptonian's Platinum Club VIP's- Kathleen Mosdar, Bridie Carty and Bobby Greene

I’ve had the pleasure of serving Pomptonian for 15 years.  I thought that amount of time was pretty noteworthy until they announced all of the of the recipients in the 2011 Platinum Club- especially the top three!..  Kathleen Mosdar has been with Pomptonian for 25 years, Bridie Carty for 35 years, and Bobby Greene for…… 51 years!!! Each of the Platinum members  got a well deserved standing ovation and special gift from Mark and Candy.

Pomptonian serves 180,000 students, (100,000 for lunch) in 80 New Jersey school districts everyday.  And Pomptonian is the recipient of the 2011 Above and Beyond Award. The highest recognition for any company serving New Jersey schools.

Special thanks to Dominic Leone, the Bethwood’s Banquet Manager, for his hospitality and professionalism.   Dominic and the Bethwood team made sure that MMP had everything we needed to produce a smooth event.   They were quick to reply to phone calls, very accommodating at the pre-event site survey and totally on-point the day of the meeting.  Awesome teamwork!

Mark Vidovich, President of Pomptonian Food Service, delivers his opening remarks

If you are the CEO of a successful firm and want the room warmed-up and ready for inspiration when you take the stage at your next important meeting, we can help.

If you are a meeting planner and want the room to be energized and focused before your keynote presenter delivers their awesome-ness, we can help.

And, if you are a publicist who wants to give your client or brand’s next promotional tour stop a healthy dose of positive energy, we can help.   From event production to event facilitation, we’ve got the talent and resources to make it happen. -mp


**Candy and Mark’s son, Nick Vidovich, took some candid photos throughout the meeting and shared them with us.  We promised to feature a few here on the MMP Blog and to post the rest of the pictures on the MMP Entertainment Facebook page.


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