Marcello Pedalino to Join Michael Port in Tennessee on the Appalachian Summer Symposium Line-up

Marcello Pedalino

Michael Port

After reading the best seller, Book Yourself  Solid, a few years ago, Michael Port has continued to have a significant impact on MMP’s success. When my business was being profiled for a local business story, I credited Port’s latest literary effort when the reporter asked me if I had any advice for entrepreneurs.  “I’m reading a great book by Michael Port. He puts our business philosophy very eloquently.  Develop your credibility,  establish yourself as an expert, strive to be your best- most likable self, and you’ll quickly become the most obvious choice for your potential clients.”  These words of wisdom have served MMP Entertainment well.

Book Yourself Solid

Fast forward to 2011.   Robbie Britton, producer of ARMDJS 4.0, has invited me to join the stellar ensemble cast of industry-notable presenters and special guest speaker, Michael Port. Needless to say-  I’m honored, flattered and very excited.

The content of the symposium will cover areas of performance and business characteristics that are paramount to a successful company.  Michael Port will speak on Bookings, Larry Williams on Service, David Louis on Networking, Peter Merry on Value, Todd Mitchem on Control, Tom Halibek on Speaking, Mike Walter on Training, and my seminar will address- Energy. I’ll be sharing ways that entertainers can harness their physical and creative power so they can recharge their performances.

Tuesday, June 21, & Wednesday, June 22, 2011.

See you in Tennessee!  -mp

small changes, BIG RESULTS – Marcello Recommends: Randy Bartlett’s ‘Behind the Scenes’

In a recent article featuring one of MMP’s signature events, I wrote about “stacking the deck.”  In Randy Bartlett’s latest DVD release of the 1% Solution series called Behind the Scenes, Bartlett demonstrates how a mobile entertainer can “decrease the probability of bad things happening… and increase the probability of good things happening.” The words are a bit different, but the desired intentions and dramatically different results are the same.

If you consider yourself a potential professional or a seasoned veteran who thrives on continuing performance education & training, Bartlett’s new DVD will be a worthy investment of your time and money.

When I checked my notes after viewing, Behind the Scenes covered several topics that are paramount for any professional Master of Ceremonies or Wedding Entertainment Director.  A few of the highlights you might also find beneficial were tips and techniques for prepping the room, creating believability, managing live toasts by the guests, letting a moment breathe,  facilitating a production agenda, and challenging yourself.

Like Peter Merry’s book, The Best Wedding Reception Ever!, which should be required reading– Randy’s new video, Behind the Scenes, should be required watching for all wedding professionals. -mp

To order Behind the Scenes, click here.

Jackpot: The Wedding MBA Sends Every Attendee Home from Las Vegas a Winner- Mike Walter & Marcello Pedalino Come Up Aces

Andy Ebon, The Wedding Marketing Authority, speaks to the capacity crowd of 1500 at The 2010 Wedding MBA Conference

It’s nice when something lives up to the hype.    I’ve been hearing about the Wedding MBA for a few years…  things like, “It’s THE convention to go to if you are a wedding professional,” and “the seminars are above and beyond what you’ll find at your typical wedding industry gathering,” and “hold on to your notebooks, laptops and iPadsyou’ll be taking lots of notes from some of the most successful special event gurus in the bridal business.”  The Wedding MBA delivered.

After 2 and 1/2 days of presentations from the likes of Sonny Ganguly & Tim Chi from Wedding Wire, Tammy Elliot & Susan Southerland from The Perfect Wedding Guide, Carly Roney and Alan Berg from The Knot, Julia Markel from the Association for Wedding Professionals International, Andy Ebon from The Wedding Marketing Network and Peter Merry, the author of The Best Wedding Reception Ever I’m exhausted and my brain hurts a little.

Mike Walter and Marcello Pedalino present “Take Care of Yourself” at the 2010 Wedding MBA Conference

There was barley enough time to squeeze in a few runs at sunrise and barely enough energy left over at night for some additional networking, but I’ve got at least 10 new ideas to share with our brides and 5 new concepts to implement into MMP’s 2011 business plan so it’s all good.   After speaking with many of the 1500 attendees, they all seemed to share the same sentiments.

Social Media was definitely the “it” phrase of the week.  You couldn’t go more than 15 minutes without hearing someone mention a possible tip or tweak for utilizing Facebook, Twitter, blogging or youtube marketing for SEO and staying connected to the e-universe we live in now. If you’d like to have your mind blown, check out this video clip that Sonny shared with the crowd about sixth sense technology.  We all had to pick our jaws up off of the floor.

from left: Wedding MBA Chancellor- Will Hegarty, The Knot’s Alan Berg and Marcello Pedalino

Another golden nugget was the universal message from The Knot’s editor in chief, Carly Roney.  She said that “many brides and grooms now value personal expression more than tradition.

The celebrate life team here at MMP Entertainment is happy to incorporate your unique personalities and preferences into your once-in-a-lifetime reception.

Speaking of personalities, you can visit Susan Sutherland’s bountiful site and discover her secret survey offering…  take this quiz and figure out what type of bride you are. It will help us enhance your wedding planning experience by understanding your planning personality. Susan was really dialed-in to the wedding industry and offered valuable insight into the psychology of  today’s bride.

from left: Marcello Pedalino, Author of the Best Wedding Reception Ever- Peter Merry, & Wed Guild members- Shawn Whittemore and Liz Daley

The convention rock stars were hard to miss as they each made several guest appearances and gave multiple seminars. Andy, Alan, Sonny and Peter always had a crowd around them in the halls asking for additional advice, photos for their wall and autographs of their books.

I was very happy to see that all of my friend’s and colleague’s  hard work and dedication to their craft was being recognized.

I’m also happy to report that our presentation, “Take Care Of Yourself,” was very well received . Mike Walter and I, as the new kids on the block at this gathering, spoke about the importance of a Health and Wellness program for the 21st century entrepreneur.

Peter Merry taking photos with his fans and signing copies of his new book, The Best Wedding Reception Ever.

We shared our philosophies and offered solutions on common personal and professional challenges like time management, prioritization, diet, exercise, dolce far niente and overall life balance.  In essence, if you take better care of yourself, you can take better care of your clients.  And if you take better care of your team, you’ll be taking better care of your bottom line.

Special thanks to Dr. Drax from the ADJA for the sponsorship and support, to Will & Patti Hegarty and Shannon Underwood from the Wedding Merchants Business Academy for producing  such a monumental event, to Ron Brown for his production assistance, to Sonny Gallardo for transportation, and to Liz Daley, for sharing a few of her photos for this entry.

:)... a quick mention to a few of the several hundred new friends and wedding professionals  that I met while attending the WMBA…

Mike Walter and Marcello Pedalino

Jean-Loup Bitterlin from Casa De Los Siete Patios in Mexico, Rachael Citron and Heather Balczarek from Glass Slipper Weddings in New Jersey, Jose Betancourt Jr. from Junior’s Band Orchestra in Florida, Olga Goddard from My Favorite Flowers in Utah, Carmen Hocking from A Beautiful Wedding in Kansas, Marc Conneely from Wedding TV in London, Kathi Evans from All The Best Celebrations in New Jersey,  Jody and Tammy Maxx from Music to the Maxx in Texas,  Patrick Kelly from I Do Appointments in Oklahoma, Ali Berberich from The Blue Angel Cafe in California, Eric Goldschmidt from Eventurous in Ohio, Doug Rice from Bridalicious in Texas and Pete Miller from Speaker Coachwho came all the way from Australia!!!

The 2010 Wedding MBA Conference In Las Vegas Confirms Mike Walter and Marcello Pedalino to Join the All Star Line Up of Featured Speakers: 9/20 – 9/23

By:  the MMP Wire Staff —  Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada

The logistics have been worked out and the scheduling details have been finalized, Mike Walter and Marcello Pedalino have been added to the list of notable industry presenters at the Wedding MBA for Wednesday, September 22, at 4pm.

The 7th Annual Wedding Merchants Business Academy Conference will feature 3 days of presentations from well known bridal-biz superstars like Timothy Chi from, David Katz from Conde Nast, Amy Wilkens from Martha Stewart Weddings, Alan Berg from the Knot, Andy Ebon from the Wedding Marketing Network and Peter Merry, author of the Best Wedding Reception Ever.

Walter and Pedalino’s seminar, “It’s All About You!… SeriouslyHow To Take Better Care of Yourself So You Can Take Better Care of Your Bride,” will focus on the benefits of health and wellness as a peak performer and a wedding professional.

Like the other presenters at the Wedding MBA, Mike and Marcello will share some of their secrets to success as well as some underestimated lifestyle habits that are paramount for longevity in the special events industry.

Special thanks to the ADJA for the national endorsement and continued support.

If you will be attending the conference but haven’t signed up yet, the Wedding MBA has offered all of MMP’s loyal readers a $100 discount on their registration fee.

Dramatically Different Results: Marcello Completes The Professional Process Training with Peter Merry

Marcello trains with Peter Merry, the author of The Best Wedding Reception... Ever!

How does an award winning entertainment and event production company stay on top of the latest industry trends and continue to offer their clients a fun, unique and memorable experience for their once in a lifetime celebration? Simple.  They put in a lot of time and effort when it comes to continuing education.

Case in point, Peter Merry, the author of the new wedding bible, The Best Wedding Reception… Ever!, was in town to deliver his Professional Process curriculum.  My hand still hurts from taking so many notes.

Peter is considered one of the top Master of Ceremonies in the business. When my wife and I got married five years ago, we flew him in from California to make sure our event was elegant, yet festive and that our guests attended a “celebration with style.”  And boy did he deliver.  Since then, Peter and I have remained good friends- and fortunately for my clients, Peter has been a non-stop source of extraordinary ideas to implement into MMP’s social and corporate events when the need arises.

The Best Wedding Reception... Ever! cover.

The Best Wedding Reception... Ever!

Peter is also the President of the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild, an elite group of 20 entertainment professionals from the U.S and Canada who specialize in wedding receptions. I’m proud to be the only member from the tri-state area who qualified.  It was a rigorous application process which took over 3 months to complete.   My acceptance and current membership helps MMP’s discerning clientele distinguish our level of service and talent from all the other available alternatives- and to justify the significant difference in investment; Peter’s hands-on guidance and educational content has proven to be a priceless source of validation to this end.

I look forward to introducing all of the advanced level techniques I learned regarding entertainment, decor,  hospitality and event production concepts at our upcoming design sessions and celebrations.

It’s funny, The Professional Process made me feel like Luke Skywalker hangin’ with Yoda for two days of Jedi training.

“There are plenty of DJ Entertainment companies out there.  They all play music and they all make announcements…  but with dramatically different results.” – Peter Merry

You be the judge.  At your convenience, compare this, or this, to that. 🙂

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