A Nice Run, Sunshine and Friendship

The WKIP crew (from left) Paul Rallo, Terri Contaxis, Michael Walter, & Marcello

Yesterday afternoon, I went for a beautiful 8 mile WKIP run with my good friends, Terri, Paul and Michael.   It was cool to hear Michael, who has 14 marathons under his belt giving advice and encouragement to Terri, who is training for the New York Marathon in November… her first!  Good luck Terri!

Huge bonus… my mom lives right up the road from my house at the mile 6 marker of the scenic country road loop.  She had plenty of hugs, kisses and cold water for everyone.  When Mom sent this photo last night,  I couldn’t help but notice the flag she has hanging from her house.

After a delicious al fresco lunch on the deck back at my house with Terri and Paul, Michael stayed to rehearse for our upcoming presentation at the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas on the 21st. We figured if we’re going to give a seminar about life balance and health and wellness, we better practice what we preach.  🙂

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie.

Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul


Dave Nase, Terri Contaxis and her son Michael, Paul Rallo, Alex Maziola, Mike Walter, Jen Cunningham, Marcello Pedalino and Jake Jacobsen

It’s not often that you get a 60 degree sunny day at the end of November.  Today, mother nature was on our side for the Navesink River Challenge, a scenic 9.3 mile run in Ocean County, NJ.

The course was uncharacteristically hilly for the Jersey Shore.  I’m glad that I’ve been doing resistance training, core circuits, and swimming at the gym…otherwise, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

A shout out to Mike, who used today’s race as a springboard to get back on track to doing ’50 in 50 by 50.’ (50 marathons in 50 states by 50 years old)  He’s currently at 14 and recovering from an Achilles’ heel surgery.   Run, Forrest, Run! Special mention also goes out to my friend, Jake, who has transformed his body over the past year by using the P90X system. He looks like a Navy SealHoorah Master Chief!

This Is Sparta!!

This Is Sparta!!

Speaking of great movies, I probably got the coolest race tag number that was available, 300. The Spirit of the Spartan warriors was with me the whole time.

In addition to sunshine, fresh air and great company, the highlight of the day for me came at the end of the race.  Just past the typical bagels, bananas and other ho-hum post-race culinary swag: rows of steaming cups adorned the table.  It was chicken noodle soup! Even if it wasn’t as good as mom’s, it was the best chicken noodle soup I’ve ever had after running  almost ten miles on a brisk Sunday morning.   Yummy.

Life is good.  🙂

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