small changes, BIG RESULTS – Marcello Recommends: Randy Bartlett’s ‘Behind the Scenes’

In a recent article featuring one of MMP’s signature events, I wrote about “stacking the deck.”  In Randy Bartlett’s latest DVD release of the 1% Solution series called Behind the Scenes, Bartlett demonstrates how a mobile entertainer can “decrease the probability of bad things happening… and increase the probability of good things happening.” The words are a bit different, but the desired intentions and dramatically different results are the same.

If you consider yourself a potential professional or a seasoned veteran who thrives on continuing performance education & training, Bartlett’s new DVD will be a worthy investment of your time and money.

When I checked my notes after viewing, Behind the Scenes covered several topics that are paramount for any professional Master of Ceremonies or Wedding Entertainment Director.  A few of the highlights you might also find beneficial were tips and techniques for prepping the room, creating believability, managing live toasts by the guests, letting a moment breathe,  facilitating a production agenda, and challenging yourself.

Like Peter Merry’s book, The Best Wedding Reception Ever!, which should be required reading– Randy’s new video, Behind the Scenes, should be required watching for all wedding professionals. -mp

To order Behind the Scenes, click here.

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