A Slice of Wedding Heaven at Ninina’s In The Park

Happy Anniversary to Michael and Inez!

A Fun, Classy & Distinctive Wedding Reception??  Yep.  You can have it all.

We can help.


The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.

What Wedding Clients are Saying About Marcello Pedalino and MMP Entertainment

NJ Wedding Entertainment & Event Production, Celebrate Life, Marcello Pedalino from MMP Entertainment: Marcello on Vimeo.

… a few reasons why Marcello has been given the honor of helping families celebrate once-in-a-lifetime Wedding Receptions for 25 years…


A “Little” Party: Chris and Caitie’s Wedding Reception at The Westmount Country Club

There’s a reason why it’s called “The one and only” Westmount Country Club.  The view, cuisine, decor and hospitality that the Westmount offers definitely puts them in a class all their own.

Like many of our discerning clients, Christopher and Caitlin wanted to have the Best Wedding Reception Ever.  Fortunately, like many of our clients, they started out with the most important ingredient necessary for a spectacular celebration a fabulous guest list.   I had done Chris’s brothers’ wedding a few years ago so I knew how awesome Chris and  his family and friends were.  And as you’ll see from the video, Caitie is an absolute sweetheart who also has a wonderful circle of family and friends.  As an added bonus, she’s gorgeous and has a smile that lights up everyone around her.

One of my favorite parts of the night was their choreographed first dance.  Chris and Caitie chose a beautiful version of “Heaven” which was recently re-recorded by Bryan Adams and Jason Aldean.  I’ve never been that big on country music, but these past few years have produced some super-talented artists that really appeal to the masses.  Jason Aldean certainly fits that description.   The synergy between Jason and Bryan when they performed Heaven is brilliant.   I instantly loved the track.  With the lighting being just right and seeing Chris and Caitie surrounded by all of their guests singing along to this retro-remake; it was an absolutely magical moment.

It was an honor and privilege to serve the Mucha and DiGenova family for another once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

It was a pleasure teaming up with the Westmount team once again.  Special thanks to Karen Renne, Bob Golucci and owners Anthony and Tom DelGatto for their hospitality and professionalism.

Best wishes,

The Celebrate Life Series: Episode #11- Jason Jani from SCE says “Be original, Be awesome.”

The Celebrate Life Series continues with my good friend, Signature Event Co-collaborator and Founder of the SCE Event Group, Jason Jani.   (jan-eye)

In this episode, Jason shares some of the challenges he’s faced along his journey to the top of the mobile entertainment industry.  He also stays true to his reputation for being a savvy innovator by sharing ways he creates distinctive production-based private events for his clientele.

For all the brides that are visiting today, Jani gives you a Pinterestworthy suggestion for making the Father Daughter dance even more special and memorable on your wedding day!

Throughout the interview, you’ll see some fabulous video footage from Jason’s event portfolio.    I think you”ll agree that Jason’s company motto of, “We do cool things for cool people,” is on point.

When Jason wrote these words below on the SCE Facebook page a few months ago, it was easy to see why he’s been known to bring the “Jani Fire” wherever her goes.  Get some.

“…If you lack creativity and can’t think outside the box, you will simply live in the average. Average has never been good enough for me, or my business. That’s my motivation everyday. Do something good today, be original, be awesome…”  – Jason Jani

Follow Jason on Twitter.

Contact Jason’s firm at (888) 278-0900

Best wishes and continued success,



“Amazing, Amazing, Amazing…. The Best Time of my Life”- Alexandra and Patrick’s Wedding Reception at The Brownstone

I knew it was going to be a great night when Alexandra wanted me to play You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates for the cake cutting-   It was delightfully-obvious that there was going to be plenty of positive energy in the room when I saw about 30 guests from Alexandra’s church choir stand up and start and sing their hearts out during the blessing-   And, there was no doubt in my mind that all of the steps that Alexandra and Patrick took to personalize their wedding reception would pay off big-time.

As you can tell from their candid video testimonial that they gave after all of the guests said goodbye, my premonitions were on point.   It was an exceptional evening at The Brownstone.

*Wedding Planning  Nugget: If you ever need a great song with a little country flair to dedicate to your sister, I think Alexandra may have found the perfect track, My Sister My Friend by Reba McEntire. It’s a happy, mid-tempo, lyrically appropriate track that you can put into a photo montage, play during dinner or dance to as an event feature.

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