Empowered by Water: Marcello Teams Up With HyrdroWorx, Murphy Grant, Nick Berra & The Y in Randolph

A few months ago, HydroWorx installed some of their therapy pool technology at the Y in Randolph, NJ,  and began to change a lot of people’s lives.   Before the installation of three units,  most of us didn’t know that you could put a treadmill underwater without  ruining the machine or electrocuting anybody.  For some of my friends who have bad knees or sensitive joints, they didn’t know that they’d be able run again and recapture their youth.  And for a few of my fellow health and wellness enthusiasts, we didn’t know that a whole new world of high intensity low-impact workouts were about to be added to our fitness routine.

Murphy Grant preps his Boot Camp

Yesterday, Team Hyrdroworx re-visited the Y to film a promo for their X80 underwater treadmill and underwater Boot Camp.  We were treated to the instruction and inspiration of the University of  Kansas  Head Football Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Medicine, Murphy Grant.  Murphy has a self-admitted reserved way about him until it’s time to kick your butt.  When his workouts begin, he expects nothing less than total focus and effort.  I loved it.

Grant  directed a series of underwater stations that featured various plyometric challenges, agility routines and strength circuits  with equipment specifically designed to get wet and complement the hydro-static resistance.  Participants also rode underwater recumbent bikes and ran on the X80 treadmill.

Nick Berra heats up the track

Speaking of the X80, runner extraordinaire Nick Berra made a special guest cameo as well at the video shoot.  I found out that Nick recently ran a 4:24 mile.  For those of you that don’t know just how freekin fast and impressive that is… just trust me.  It’s freekin fast and impressive!   When he’s not inspiring other runners to train harder and making them laugh, he makes a living as a professional pilot. Berra’s got that typical pilot cool swagger to ’em.   The kind that makes you feel comfortable.  I could picture him calling back to the passengers on the radio and saying, “Hi, this is your captain speaking… it’s just a little lightning, thunder and severe turbulence..  Don’t worry about a thing.  I got this… I’m gonna get us there safely- just sit back and relax.”

Melissa Grosenstein, Marcello Pedalino and Nick Berra

Nick gave me and Melissa Grosenstein, a competitive triathlete who works for the Y, a few new interval workouts to try on the treadmill.  One in particular that stood out was in the style of Tabata.  In case you’re unfamiliar, Tabata training is 4 minutes of the highest, high intensity interval training for humans who seek out such things.  For this Tabata, Nick cranked up the hydro-jet frontal resistance and  then cranked up the speed dial to 10 out of 10.  The interval went like this;

1) 10 seconds of leaps  on your right foot

2) 10 seconds of leaps on your left foot

3) 10 seconds of sprinting to rest

** yes, you read that correctly!  Your rest is running as fast as the machine goes.

4) Repeat 7 more times for a total of 4 of the toughest, most exhilarating and most rewarding minutes of your life.

Team HyrdoWorx and Team Y (and a Tebow)

Of course, Nick did this and barely broke a sweat.  He was still able to make commentary for the camera throughout the shoot.  We were definitely in awe, but also annoyed… sorta-like when you see the Kenyans at mile 23 of the New York City Marathon seemingly un-phased by their own ridiculous output of energy and athleticism.

When it was time for Melissa and I to give it try, we gave it everything that we had.  By round 3, I was as fatigued as I thought I’d be for impersonating a gazelle trotting on the African plains.  By round 5, I felt like Apollo Creed when he tried to fight Drago.  By round 6, I was praying that they would yell “cut” for any reason whatsoever.  By round 7, I noticed that Melissa was still kickin’ ass and I refused to be beat by a girl.. no matter how great of a person or athlete she is. 🙂  By round 8, I had a Forest Gump-like  epiphany when he ran across the country and said to myself… ” I made it this far, I made as well keep on going.”

We both did, we both finished.  It was awesome!

Our heart rates were maxed out somewhere near 190-something! Melissa and I had just enough energy left for some high fives and a cool-down massage.  I’ll post the video when it comes out.

Special thanks to Bill Lamia, The Y’s CEO,  Kathy Fisher, The Y’s Aquatic Director, and Team HydroWorx for inviting me to participate in the promotion.

Continued health, happiness & success!










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