Joey’s ‘Nightclub’ Bat Mitzvah at the Diva Lounge- A Cinderella Story

diva-lounge7Joey had her Bat Mitzvah at The Diva Lounge in Montclair New Jersey.

Packed!  DJ Marcello up in the booth.The nightclub atmosphere gave Joey’s celebration a real New York City chic and upscale vibe. It felt like a Saturday night at the hottest place in town, even though it was only two o’clock in the afternoon.

This was our second time working with the Rudorfer family, we did Samantha’s event three years ago at The Brooklake Country Club.

It’s always cool working in a club to change up the scenery a bit. For a DJ, patching our equipment into a huge state of the art sound system and light show makes you feel a little like a “diva for a day,” especially with signs like this around.

3-diva-lounge4One of the many highlights of the day was when Joey and her dad, Henry, did a choreographed dance to a beautiful song called Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. I had come over a few weeks before to help them with a few steps. They were awesome.

The Diva Lounge has a really cool way to spice up dessert. They have “The Candy Man make a special guest appearance and throw out candy to all the kids. He was a big hit! We played “Buttercup” by The Foundations and had everyone singing along.

The CandymanAnother Kodak moment was watching Henry and his wife, Dara, enjoy the video montage of their daughter growing up. It brought them to tears. The club showed the montage on 8 different plasmas and a huge drop-down, projection screen so all of the 200 guests had a great view regardless of where they were in the club.

Sentimental, daddy loves his little girl.  Like Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah, Joey’s simcha was filled with a lot of love, positive energy, dancing guests and heart-warming moments.

Special thanks to Lauren and Vinny from the Diva Lounge for their hospitality and professionalism.

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