From New Jersey to Connecticut, The Celebrate Life Book Tour continues: Marcello Pedalino chat with Mike Fernino on The DJ Idea Sharing Podcast

Thanks again to Mike Fernino for having me on his Idea Sharing podcast. Here are a few clips from the interview. If you’re interested in focusing on things you CAN control and things that are more productive than arguing with people online, consider taking a listen. ?

Intro- (+Mike being very kind)

1:20– Redefining societal norms for hunger

2:40– Hunger vs. habit

4:10– Breakfast myths

6:50– Life hack/Bulletproof coffee

7:25– Don’t do keto JUST for weight loss

9:05– 2 ways to reduce stress today

12:05– Outro (article references & book recommendations)

Have a great day, everyone! ?


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