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Do you want your Wedding to be distinctive? Do you want your Bar Mitzvah to be fabulous? Do you want your Corporate Event to be extraordinary?  Choose the right entertainment source and a photo booth that will give your guests more than a photo strip to take home.   Spread the WOW and watch your #EventHashtag or #Brand spread across social media via morphing technology.

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The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.

Encore at the Atrium- It’s a Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Bride

Jill, the beautiful bride.How do you make your wedding fun, unique and memorable? Former brides will tell you, it’s not easy, you need to personalize it. If it happens to be sunny and 78 degrees with no humidity on your big day, that’ll definitely help the cause too. With a little help from mother nature, Jill and Adam planned a fairytale wedding and enjoyed one of the best days of their lives.

Fun- Jill and Adam brought in the 10-piece band, Encore, to collaborate with us.  This took the entertainment value of the dance sets to the next level.  Encore pumped up the crowd with their interactive Motown, disco and 80’s medleys while we focused on providing the Master of Ceremonies services, playing the original version of the wedding song and parents’ dances, directing the on-site, event coordination with the staff of the Atrium and designing the lighting to enhance the evening’s ambiance.  Thanks to the professionalism of Tony, the band leader, and Maryann,  Shawn and Siroos from the Atrium, the evening’s flow was seamless.

Unique- Many brides have danced with their brothers before, but Jill had the  brilliant idea of dedicating a song and dancing with not only her brothers, John & Scott, but her two new brothers-in-law,  Jason and Steven, as well.   She asked me to make a custom mix of four songs, one minute for each brother that represented their personality and relationship.  Jill chose Coldplay’s Brothers and Sisters, Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up, Randy Newman’s You Got A Friend In Me, and Frank Sinatra’s Come Fly With Me.   It was  a very sweet moment that showed Jill’s thoughtfulness and originality.

Adam and JillMemorable- Just when you thought that grooms don’t show any heart or give people the warm fuzzies anymore, Adam delivered in fine fashion.  After the cake cutting, Adam asked for the mic and offered up a poignant toast to Jill.  Without getting too sappy, he let everyone know that there was no other place he’d rather be in the world than right there in the moment with his beautiful wife. As planned, we played I Believe In You and Me by the Four Tops for Jill and Adam right after… Contrary to popular belief, romance is still alive and well.

Another nice touch was provided by Linda Stark, of Stark Studios in Wayne, who shared her magnificent photos for this blog entry.  Linda set up her laptop outside the ballroom to display some her favorite shots of the wedding day leading up to the reception.   Throughout the reception, collective ooh’s and awe’s could be heard from the little nook where the photos were being displayed. According to the mother-of-the-bride, Angela, “Linda was a pleasure to work with and didn’t miss a significant moment.”  Jill with her flower girl and jr. bridesmaid

When choosing your professional vendors, it’s really important that you have a personality match with them.   This is crucial for reducing your stress level and increasing your peace of mind on a day which you only get one shot at. Especially with your photographer who you spend the most time with the day of and after the event.

The evening wrapped up with an impressive Viennese  display for dessert which took place outside on the Atrium’s terrace and Encore’s  final dance set when guests re-entered the ballroom.   As the band had the whole room jamming to We Are Family, we recognized the Rubinetti’s and Hodge’s one more time  and ended with the crowd cheering for the newlyweds.

If the hug that I got seconds later from Mrs. Rubinetti was any indication, a beautiful day was had by all.

The Party Before The Party

MMP Entertainment - Marcello Pedalino

Our Bar Mitzvah cocktail hour interactives are designed to encourage all of the young-adult guests to loosen up.

They’ll have the opportunity to smile, sing, dance and shout BEFORE they head into the reception.

Many of our previous clients have noted that their kid’s cocktail hour was more fun than the actual party that some of their friends had.  🙂

Once the actual reception festivities have begun, another fun way our guests can continue to let their hair down and loosen up their ties is to sport some of the cool chotchkies we give out.

Hipster glasses, the latest trend in fiesta-fare adornment, seemed to be guest favorite last weekend!

The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.

The Fischer Family Celebrates Their 4th Bar Mitzvah with Marcello and the MMP Entertainment Team at Portobello in Oakland, NJ

Zach and all of his friends pose for the traditional group photo after cocktail hour at Portobello

If you had to choose the ideal venue for your Le Chaim finale, you’d want a location that was close to the Temple, had great food and offered excellent service. If you’ve ever been to lunch or dinner at new Portobello Feasts in Oakland, NJ, you already know that those  bases are covered.  But what about their sister property… the original Portobello right next door?  Under new management and featuring some notable renovations, Portobello Banquets deserves your attention once again if you’re planning a Bergen County social or corporate event in the near future.

Time Flies... Zack with his older brother Jared- We did Jared's Bar Mitzvah 9 years earlier at the Westmount Country Club

Over the past nine years, we’ve had the honor of providing the entertainment and event production for the Fischer family.  We did Jared’s Bar Mitzvah first back in ‘02, Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah in’04, then Julie’s Bat Mitzvah after that in ‘06, and this past October, it was time for Zachary to be the guest of honor.

If you’re getting a little stressed out just thinking about what it’s like to have to plan 4 Bar Mitzvahs… relax.  It actually gets easierOnce you find just the right combination of professional vendors and resources, you just keep hiring them back and let them do most the work. On the other hand… having to pay for 4 Bar Mitzvahs, now that’s a different story. 🙂

Zack’s mom and dad, Jeanette and Glen, once again trusted our recommendations for the kids cocktail hour and reception enhancements.  We provided the MMP trifecta for the kids cocktail hour. It included The Interactive Game Show, Paparazzi and DJ Hero.

As you can see from the photos, these activities were very well received by all of the young adult guests as usual.

Jeanette and Glen take it all in and enjoy a romantic dance after dessert

For the reception, the Fisher’s upgraded to our dual plasma multi-media package. We created custom visuals for Zack’s Casino theme, we designed personalized video clips for the dance sets and featured candid photos of all the guests on the screens during dinner and dessert.  As you can see from the photos, Zack and his friends were entertained and kept busy from the moment they walked into Portobello until the moment they walked out, so Jeanette and Glen were very pleased with the return on their additional investment.

Special thanks to Vincent Amen, Portobello’s Director of Catering, for his hospitality and professionalism.   He was instrumental at the site survey when we needed to ensure the necessary spacing for the activities, to review the planning logistics, to confirm the timing of the food courses and verify our power requirements. (just a few of  ways that an Entertainment Director can enhance your over-all experience) Vincent can be reached at 201-337-1383 ext. 4 or

We’re looking forward to our next collaboration with the Fischer family and Portobello   … which by the way time seems to be flying by lately, will be Jared’s Wedding Reception.  Unreal.   –mp

Encore Gallery:

California Dreamin’: Marcello Consults With Bay Area Entertainment Powerhouse: Denon & Doyle

Note to self: The next time you fly across the country or anywhere for that matter, make sure you are not seated in the back of the plane near the bathrooms. In addition to the constant NHL-worthy elbows being thrown your way, there’s quite an aroma coming from those little window-less depositories. Fortunately, Dawn Dubois, the District Manager from Rodney Strong Wine Estates was seated across the aisle.   Dawn’s ability to laugh at and make a challenging situation fun actually made the flight enjoyable.

Dan Ohrman, Denon and Doyle's General Manager

Upon arrival to San Fransisco, I met up with my good friend, Dan Ohrman, General Manager of Denon & Doyle.  Dan and his family treated me to a day at the Wharf so I could do the “touristy thing.”  If you’ve never been there, these were the highlights; 1) eating a bucket of Dungeness crabs next to the window at Joe’s so you can watch the Bushman “spread joy” and scare the heck out of unsuspecting tourists,   2) driving down ‘the long and windy road’ aka Lombard Street,  3) seeing Alcatraz, 4) checking out all the street performers, and 5) Ghirardelli Chocolates (soooo good that the line was two blocks long).

Mount Diablo

After a good night’s sleep, Dan took me and one of D&D’s most requested Emcee’s, Partick McMichael, hiking up Mount DiabloNot only was it a beautiful hike and an awesome workout, I felt like a 5th grader on the ultimate field trip. At the top of the mountain, you can visit the Mount Diablo State Park Summit Museum.   Beyond offering one of the finest views in the world, it also has interactive demos that describe the native American history of the region and a diorama that plays native sounds and offers an overview of the park’s ecosystems.  The perfect “80 degrees and sunny” weather made the experience that much better.

Marcello advises D&D Emcee, JT, on how to handle challenging consultations

By Tuesday night, it was time to get to work.  🙂  Over the past few years, Dan has taken Denon and Doyle, which is known primarily by value-seeking brides as the go-to wedding entertainment company, to being a dominant force on the Bay Area’s Bar Mitzvah scene. Dan arranged for me to present an interactive  seminar to some of the D&D djs, emcees and dancers.  I moderated a round table q&a about typical challenges you face as an event director,  offered a few techniques on how to elevate the customer relationship management level before the celebration and then demonstrated three of the most effective interactive audience participation routines that my company, MMP, is currently offering it’s clients here on the east coast.

The 2010 DJ of the Year Competitors (from left) Mark Addington, Chris "Cowboy" Mowery, Abra, Marcello Pedalino (Judge), Patrick McMichael, Dan Ohrman (Judge), AJ Rogers, Solomon Dauber & Jon Higgins

It was one of the nicest ‘venues’ I’ve ever presented in.  It was poolside at Brian & Sue Doyle’s magnificent home.   Their house was the first I’ve ever been to that had a real peach tree in the yard. Brian, Denon and Doyle’s founder, said that the tree only produces California-quality peaches for one week every year…  and guess who had perfect timing for the 2010 season?  (Honestly, it was the best peach I’ve ever had.)   After the presentation, Brian, Dan and I discussed the importance of starting off a Bar Mitzvah effectively with the the necessary interactive cocktail hour entertainment. When your guests are entertained by and enjoy the opening act, that enthusiasm and momentum carries over to the main event and stacks the deck in your favor for an unforgettable celebration.

Dj of the Year Cameron Chatterton (left), the Rockstar Dancers and Emcee of the Year Patrick McMichael (Right)

Wednesday night was the highly anticipated 4th annual D&D DJ of the Year competition.  I can tell you as a former winner and current judge of the national competition held in Atlantic City every year, Dan and the crew from Denon and Doyle definitely know how to produce a first class show! From the LED uplighting and staging to the lazer light show and special effects on surround trussing, the audio/visual ambiance really took the competitors adrenaline level through the roof.   D&D gave out awards for the Best Dance, Best Game, Best Shtick, Dancer of the Year, DJ of the Year, and Emcee of the Year.

I was really impressed by the level of camaraderie as well as the level of talent. All of the competitors supported each others’ performances throughout the night.

Each of the D&D Emcees assembled a select crew of performers to be on their team and even came up with customized names and logos!  Kudos to everyone that participated and congratulations to the winners:

Ashley Castro (left) and the Rockstars

Mark Addington (right) and the PuppetMasters

Solomon Dauber (middle) and the Masterminds

Best Dance: Solomon Dauber and the Mastermindz– Get Down Tonight

Best Game: Solomon Dauber and the Mastermindz-Picture This

Best Shtick: Mark Addington and the PuppetMasters– Dancefloor Volleyball 

Dancer of the Year: Ashley Castro from the Rockstars

DJ of the Year: Cameron Chatterton from the Rockstars

Emcee of the Year: Patrick McMichael from the Rockstars

Competition Judges (from left) Lisa Feldman, Marcello Pedalino & Dan Ohrman

On a side note, I sat at the judging table with Dan and renowned Event Designer, Lisa Feldman.  She is one of most highly sought-after celebration specialists on the west coast.  Not only was it a pleasure getting to meet her, she shared a story with me that really struck a cord.  As usual, the topic of health and wellness came up during our initial small talk.  Lisa, who has run several marathons, mentioned that she just recently ran another one a few weeks back.  But she only signed up for it the day before!   For those that don’t know, you have to be in ridiculously good shape to just decide to run 26.2 miles tomorrow. Anywho, Lisa ran it to help out a friend who was running  her first marathon.  Lisa normally finishes in the incredible 3 and1/2 hour time frame.  For this race, she stuck with her friend, who was having a tough day, and finished together in 5 and 1/2 hours.   You know you found a good friend when they’ll stick with you through the good times and through the challenges. Kudos to you, Lisa!   This running quote came to mind…

“You’re running on guts. On fumes. Your muscles twitch. You throw up. You’re delirious. But you keep running because there’s no way out of this hell you’re in, because there’s no way you’re not crossing the finish line. It’s a misery that non-runners don’t understand.” -Martine Costello

Dan with his daughter, Madison, enjoying the crowd's favorite prop of the night. "The Rockstar Throne." Design and production by Patrick McMichael

The day after the competition, Dan and I went for a nice little run up Brionnes. You know life is good when a great run is literally right outside your door. (The State Park entrance is right up the street from his house).   There were times when we were running along the scenic trails under the blue sky and warm yellow sun when it felt like we could have been filming the next commercial for Nike sneakers or something.

Ms. High Octane, Julie Fink, from Nike

Speaking of Nike, later in the afternoon, Dan took me to the UFC gym to take a “High Octane” circuit training class with Nike’s own, Julie Fink .  It was both an incredible and humbling experience. Julie is the real deal.   She is gorgeous and can kick your ass!  We were doing various 30 to 90 second station challenges that didn’t allow for any weak body parts to be pampered or protected from an ego adjustment. *90 seconds of pushups, tricep dips or burpees sounds a lot more manageable than it actually is.  Trust me.

On Wednesday night, Brian graciously sent Dan and I to Flemings Steak House to debrief on the competition’s production, to do an overall evaluation of Denon & Doyle’s day-to-day business culture and to give specific performance evaluations for three of the company’s top performers. Based on the initial responses, I think my critiques and suggestions were well received and accepted with merit.

Back in 1984, D&D Founder, Brian Doyle, started the company with one sound system and an old bread truck. Currently, Denon and Doyle has 95 employees, performs at 1300 events per year and has annual sales of 2.2 million.

In my opinion, the reason why Denon and Doyle is so successful is because of three things; the founder of the company puts the right people in the right place, the general manager genuinely cares about his team’s continuing education and well being, and the D&D team really cares about their clients and their professional craft.

That’s a pretty rare combination these days.

Special thanks to Brian, Sue, Dan and the entire D&D crew for their courteous hospitality and friendship.

I wish the Denon and Doyle family continued success, health and happiness. -mp

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