17 Seconds of Crystal Plaza Anniversary Sizzle

What does it really look like, feel like, and sound like at a big, fun, and memorable Italian wedding? Here’s a quick glimpse…

17 seconds of wedding anniversary sizzle for TJ & Luciana Gencarelli!

Happy “1rst Week” to the newlyweds!!

Thanks again for allowing me and my team to be a part of such a memorable special event!

Thank your for your kind words and positive feedback on WeddingWire.


“Marcello is the BEST in the business. Hands down. Stop looking any further!!!

Marcello met with my husband and I twice before the wedding and we emailed back and forth countless times. He created a timeline for the reception that was sent out to all of my other vendors. SO organized!! Marcello is an MC and the wedding became an event, not just a party.

He introduced us as a couple and told a story about how we met. He did the same for our parent dances. It made the night so unique. He also suggested spreading out the parent dances and it was an amazing decision to do so.

His crew played the best mix of music, some we suggested, some he threw in by the feel of the crowd. They even made us a custom mix to walk out to! Everyone is flooding us with calls and texts about the entertainment saying it is unlike any wedding they’ve attended and the best one ever. All backgrounds of pictures so far have nobody sitting and everyone dancing! I could not thank Marcello and his crew enough for making our wedding one of the best night’s of our lives. I even forgot to take off my shoes – that’s how much we danced!”

And, thank you for the personal note and generous gratuity that came in the mail yesterday!

The Gencarelli and Contuzzi families are first class all the way.

Best wishes with your awesome business, Zest!


Behind The Scenes of Music’s Greatest Stories- Marcello Recommends: On This Date In Music by Mike Walter

On This Date In Music by Michael Walter

I don’t know about you, but I love getting the inside scoop on things.

As a huge fan of the VH1 series, Behind The Music, I knew Mike Walter’s latest book had the potential to be awesome for me and a lot of fellow entertainment history enthusiasts. I’m happy to report that ‘On This Date In Music’ did not disappoint.

I love hearing about someone’s “lucky” break, all the hard work they put in, all the frustrating disappointments they endured, some of the fascinating coincidences they experienced, and a few of the fateful detours they took along their journey.

On This Date In Music is the perfect coffee table book for anyone who gets as excited as I do about music history! Not the boring kind of music history though. (Like, this song was written by so and so and they did well on the charts and they made a lot of money then they drank too much and we never heard from them again). That’s too predictable and usually ALL you hear about. 🙂 Nope! Mike’s diligent and well-rounded research gives you the “beyond the typical headlines” backstory into some of the most famous, and infamous, stories in music history.

For example, most people know that Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ became a pop culture retro-hit after it was featured on The Sopranos. But, now I know why Steve Perry wrote it, how he got the lyrics, and the hilarious poetic licence he took when it came to singing about Detroit.

It’s a REALLY big book (at least for me) so another great thing about OTDIM is that there is a separate story entry for each day of the year. Actually, you can crack open the book and start reading from any date/page of the year. That’s very cool! You can pick it up and read a daily entry if you only have a few minutes to spare on your lunch break or you can do a full week or month at a time when your schedule permits.

Author, Michael Walter (center) with Anthony Vennera (left) and Johnny V (right) at the book launch party for On This Date In Music Photo Credit: Johnny V

The detail and backstories are just as enjoyable as Mike’s written delivery. I felt like I was at a cool restaurant or lounge listening to famous Rock and Roll stars tell anecdotes that only people on their tour bus would know. I love that stuff! And you will, too.

Whether you read one entry a day or bang out a full week at a time, you’ll find that OTDIM is a great way to simultaneously relax, entertain yourself, and discover cool facts about some of your favorite bands and artists.

Bonus: you’ll have some great stories to re-tell the next time you’re out with family and friends or you’ll have a fresh new background perspective when you hear a familiar song on the radio.

Order your copy, here.


The Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ, – The Gencarelli Wedding: Dramatically Different Results


Italian brides and grooms sure know how to have fun and celebratelife with style when it comes to their #wedding!

Congrats to Luciana and TJ!

It was a pleasure to serve and entertain the Contuzzi and Gencarelli family this weekend.

Special thanks to Nella, Barry, and The Crystal Plaza Team for their hospitality and professionalism.

When choosing your master of ceremoniesentertainmentproduction, and lighting design for specialevents; prioritize and invest accordingly… exceptional collaborations will yield dramatically different results.


Icing on the Cake for Max and Tara’s Wedding Reception at the Paramount Country Club

When you start with true love, a beautiful family, and supportive friends, the rest is just icing on the cake. Then, if your icing happens to consist of a gorgeous venue and an expert team of special event professionals, you get…. this.

Check out these highlights from Tara and Max‘s Paramount Country Club Wedding Reception courtesy of WeCinema Films.

Wishing Tara and Max all of the health and happiness that life has to offer!

Thank you for trusting me to be a part of your team.

It’s always an honor and a pleasure to provide the entertainment and event production for special friends.


“Gracious and Professional”… “You are by far, The Best” – Warm Fuzzies for Marcello Pedalino and The MMP Team




Thank you so much! … You were amazing as expected. Everybody had a blast. You also have the most wonderful dancers, DJ, and photographer who were so gracious and professional. Thanks for making this such a special night. We have been to a lot of these and you are by far the best.


It’s always a pleasure to serve our clients to the best of our ability and it’s always nice to get the warm fuzzies afterwards when they are pleased with our services.  🙂


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