NJSBA Hosts 2000 Guests in the Palace at Somerset Park: Another Signature Event Collaboration from Jason Jani and Marcello Pedalino

The Palace At Somerset Park

Last month I teamed up again with my good friend and Signature Event partner, Jason Jani, for another exceptional portfolio piece.  Our client, Pomptonian Food Service, was celebrating 50 years of excellence in conjunction with the New Jersey School Board Association’s 2010 Convention and Member Appreciation Gala.

Throughout the day, upwards of 2000 attendees were shuttled back and forth from The Palace at Somerset Park to attend educational seminars and informational symposiums.  Topics included; social media, energy efficiency plans, public relations, health benefits and the effects of nutrition and wellness for students.  Speaking of nutrition, the Pomptonian currently provides staffing, high quality lunches, and innovative culinary concepts to over 70 school districts in NJ.

Guests enjoy the festivities at the V.I.P Lounge

After a long day of taking notes and networking, the Pomptonian and the NJSBA wanted the remaining attendees to return to the Palace to relax, enjoy a nice dinner and have some well deserved fun!

In addition to several other performance and specialty interactives that were taking place simultaneously throughout the colossal Palace, Jason and I were given 1/2 of the West Ballroom to create the Pomptionian V.I.P Lounge. Since most attendees registered in groups of 3 to 5 people, we were told we’d be catering to intimate crowds of 10 to 30 guests at a time who would stop by and leave as they wished, have a drink or two, grab a bite to eat, and maybe even bust out a few of their favorite dance moves. No problem!  🙂

Jason Jani, Marcello Pedalino and the Signature Event Team

Jason’s vision for the production layout was on point as always.  From the luminescent projection of Pomptonian’s signature logo on the cathedral ceiling, to the L.E.D decor lightscaping to the surround coverage of 4 plasma screens displaying custom visuals, retro music videos and guest candids, word spread quickly throughout the Palace that this was a cool place to stop by and enjoy life for awhile.   Of course Jason, as one of the top DJ/Remix artists in the country, manned the DJ booth all night and dropped a masterfully-blended soundtrack of lounge, pop, classic funk and current musical audience pleasers.     I handled the on-site logistics, client relations, hospitality and interactive Emcee hosting.

Marcello entertains the guests with an interactive game from Minute To Win It

Over the course of the four hour reception, we had several occasions where a select group of guests were either enjoying the evening’s soundtrack with a nice glass of chardonnay, dancing to their requests with colleagues or competing in an impromptu challenge from our Minute to Win It repertoire.  We were very pleased with the feedback from the NJSBA, The Palace and the happy guests.

Special thanks to the Palace team; Stacie DeMicco, Senior Conference Planning Manager, Kristie Pappas, Senior Corporate Sales Manager, Anthony Panchery, Banquet Manager and Richard McConney, Director of Banquets as well as Erik Endress, Director of Association and Meeting Development and Marcia Lavingne, County Activities Coordinator from the NJSBA for their professionalism and coordination assistance.

If your company is planning a convention, team building workshop or a holiday gala and you’d like to take it to the Signature Event level, contact us to schedule an on-site consultation and design session. Our client portfolio includes The Allen & Co. Media Summit in Sun Valley Idaho, Macy’s, The Borgata, Samsung Electronics, Bank of America, Pathmark, LG Electronics, David Tutera, Synchronoss Technologies and AnnTaylor.    -mp

Jacob’s V.I.P Lounge at the Assembly East Hill

Jacob’s celebration was the fourth Lefcourt family Bar Mitzvah that we had the honor of providing the entertainment and event production for.  I teamed up with Jacob’s mom, Robyn, from concept to completion to help bring her vision to life. She wanted the Lefcourt family to celebrate with style and tastefully give the established Assembly location a dash of youthful fervor and a sprinkle of night club ambiance.   As you can see from the smile on Jacob’s face during the grand entrance and from Robyn’s personal feedback on her video testimonial at the bottom of this entry, the Celebrate Life team delivered in fine fashion once again.

Robyn and I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jeff Fruman from Balloon Artistry and Barbara & Jack Koumbis of the AssemblyTogether,  we designed an afternoon of hospitality, decor, cuisine and entertainment that Jacob and his family and friends will always remember fondly.

Some of the event highlights included a Jazz Trio and a Coney Island photo booth for the adult cocktail hour.  Jacob and his friends had a private V.I.P section which was located in separate room of the Assembly.  (they needed a special V.I.P bracelet from Emilio, the bouncer, to get in).   This interactive portion of the celebration featured a DJ Hero tournament, the Paparazzi Challenge and MMP’s  famous pop-culture Game Show. As always, this portion of the event is designed to engage the guests and to warm them up for the reception.  It’s a like an exclusively entertaining and crucial opening act; it sets the tone and vibe for the rest of the celebration.  If your guests walk into the reception in a great mood, with a smile and ready to party, the odds are stacked in your favor.

*The Coney Island photo booth was rolled into the ballroom after the cocktail hour so the guests could continue to enjoy this uber-popular interactive and also so no one had to go back outside.  Ideally, you want all of your guests and all of the positive energy to stay inside the ballroom during your reception. Our photobooth technician also knows to temporarily pause operation during specific times like the candlelighting, motzi and special dances.

Upon entry to the reception, the Lefcourt guests were treated to L.E.D Lightscaping, modern balloon-art centerpieces, personalized visuals and an over-all chic-lounge atmosphere.  Jacob and his family and friends did not hesitate to put on their boogie shoes and get down tonight. (even though it was only 2:30 in the afternoon)

The rest of event was filled with dancing, sentimental moments, laughter, great conversation and wonderful memories.  Our candid photo specialist, Mike, captured many of these moments as part of MMP’s multimedia package.  The photos are taken throughout the event and featured on our dual plasma screens for the guests to enjoy during the main course and dessert.  After the event, all of the photos, including digital copies of the Coney Island pictures are given to the host as a keepsake. A select few are featured below.

Best wishes to Robyn, Jonathon, Hannah, Jacob, Grandpa Ron and the entire Lefcourt family.  We wish you all of the health and happiness that life has to offer.  Mazel Tov!

Encore Gallery:

A Royal Sweet 16 for Madison at Dolce


Big smiles and Butterfly Kisses for Madison and her dad

She can sing, she can dance, she’s smart, she’s athletic and she’s beautiful.  Move over Snow White and Cinderella, Madison is the new princess in town.

If you could have heard the speeches that Mr. & Mrs. Taylor gave during her Royal Ball-themed Sweet 16, you’d know that Madison is  a very special young lady whose future is bright.

Catering director, Christine Boyce, and the staff from Dolce transformed the ballroom by teaming up with Madison’s mom, Susan, who is a talented designer by trade.  The decor was modern elegance and the vibe was festive, perfect for a guest of honor who is full of life and beyond her years when it comes to maturity and grace.  Special thanks to Christine who helped me orchestrate a seamless evening of hospitality and entertainment from the initial design session and site survey to the night-of logistics.

We supplied the lightscaping for the room by color washing the perimeter walls with 25 carnation pink,  LED uplights. This effect along with a custom visual (that Susan designed) on the room’s 20 ft. projection screen let the guests know they were in for a regal experience.


Madison and Eleanor perform

One of the event highlight’s was when Madison and her good friend, Eleanor, performed the song, Unlimited, from Wicked. They were fabulous.  We usually encourage the the guest of honor to personalize their event by sharing their talents with family and friends.

Madison and her father, Michael, chose the classic, Butterfly Kisses, for the father-daughter dance.  It was a wonderful moment.  As a professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies that entertains at a lot of wedding receptions, it’s always a sentimental feeling when I get a glimpse of a future bride dancing with her dad. I love my job.

Michael, Mackinley and Susan

Michael, Mackinley and Susan

Madison’s little sister, Mackinley, danced all night long like the rest of the guests,  even though she was on crutches.  She even won the voice activated LED T-Shirt during the dance contest.  Songs like Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Sweet Caroline, Fire Burning, Party In the USA, Down and this year’s biggest hit, I Gotta Feeling, were dance floor favorites.

From the grand entrance, to the affectionate candlelighting to the last dance with her family and friends, it was our pleasure to help Madison celebrate her inner princess.

There’s no doubt she’ll grow up to be a stunning queen of the ball.

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