The 2013 Celebrate Life Bike Ride with Marcello Pedalino and Friends

IMG_5704 (Large)The 2013 Life is Good Brooklyn Pizza Bike Tour, aka “The Celebrate Life Ride,” was a fabulously-fun outing once again.

It’s a pretty simple formula.  We gather up some really cool people who like to ride their bike and take them on a 35 mile bike tour throughout New York City.

Beyond the fact that it’s a great time, the real reason they all say “yes” is that they know we have a Margarita Pizza picnic at lunchtime courtesy of the world famous Gramaldis.  🙂

IMG_5432 (Large)If you enjoy mixing fun, great conversation, eye candy and incredible pizza with your exercise, send us an e-mail and join us next year!

It was a pleasure to welcome Terri Contaxis, Anthony Vennera and Ian Carr to the Celebrate Life family.

As usual, I snapped a few pics throughout the day… plenty of reminders of how beautiful New York is and how fortunate we are to be surrounded by such awesome friends.

Thanks to the tour veterans Tony Shaughnessy, Scott Murphy, Michael Walter and John Derienzo for bringing all of their positive energy back again.

The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.



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Hot Town, Summer In The City: The NYC “Life Is Good” Bike Tour ’11

Grimaldi’s “Pizza Under The Bridge.” Brooklyn, NY. (John Derienzo, Tony Shaughnessy  and Mike Walter)

Once again- Tony, John and I tuned-in to our favorite radio station, WKIP (We Keep It Positive) and rode our bikes 35 miles to Brooklyn just to have a slice of Margarita pizza at Grimaldi’s.    This year- we were joined by my good friend and co-creator of the fictional feel-good frequency, Mike Walter.

The Spinnaker, from Le Peep. Randolph, NJ

It was sunny and 87 degrees in the big apple… this song kept playing in my head throughout our excursion. Everybody was outside doing their thang; running, walking, praying to trees, fixing the roads, sight-seeing, playing chess like they do in one of my favorite movies of all time, and lots of folks playing a little hooky.

As always, the highlights of the ride revolved around the food and the company.  Our friend, Terri, who couldn’t make the ride but joined us for breakfast at Le Peep, recommended  “The Spinnaker.”  It’s a delicious egg-white omelet with spinach, bacon, mushrooms, chives, cheese and tomatoYummy! The day was off to a great start.

Mike featured the trip route on his blog, so I’ll just focus on the pizza and the pics.

There’s something about Gramaldi’s home-made mozzarella, the perfect crust, and a red sauce so nice it should have a crayon named after it...  that will keep me coming back to Brooklyn on my bike year after year.

The Little Red Lighthouse @ The GWB

4 slices is usually just what the doctor ordered at the 17 mile half-way point.  But this time… John and I raced up the Manhattan bridge right after lunch…  that fourth slice wasn’t doing me any favors.   🙂    No unnecessary drama ensued, but note to self: next year you may want to wait another 15 minutes before challenging anybody to a race.  Especially someone like John, who is a ridiculously-strong rider and spins 8 days a week.

Throughout the trip… we joked, laughed and got personal.   We saw “every kind of people” and enjoyed a fun, alternative workout.

We all agreed there’s no doubt that being outside-  soakin’ up a sunny day & just livin, is a very good indication that Life- is indeed good.    See ya next year!    You are welcome to join us.   -mp


Encore Gallery:

“Follow Your Dreams:” The Celebrate Life Team Salutes Nicholas Derienzo

John Derienzo with his nephew, Nicholas

My good friend, John Derienzo, is going to ride 100 miles to raise money for his newphew, Nicholas, at the The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Ride to Cure Diabetes in Arizona next month.

Like his uncle, who I work out with three times a week, Nicholas is full of positive energy.  You have to be to be able to deal with getting your finger pricked 10 times a day to check the sugar levels in your blood and inject insulin into your body to account for every carbohydrate you eat. Not the most convenient thing for an active 10 year old.   He also has to limit his activities to keep sugar levels even, “which is very hard when you see your friends running around.” Nicholas  said that his parents are a big inspiration.  “They are always there to push me when it’s a hard day.”

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation  is the world’s leading charitable financier of type 1 diabetes research.  Since 1970, the JDRF has funded more than $1.1 billion in research worldwide and is consistently ranked as one of the most efficient charities with more than .85 cents of every dollar going directly towards research.

The 2010 JDRF Ride To Cure will take place next month in Arizona

I’m always curious which factors motivate people and help them get through challenging situations.   Nicholas was quick to point out that “I can do whatever I want, I just need insulin.”  John was quicker to point out that “insulin is not a cure, it’s what he needs to survive…  it doesn’t prevent the eventual and devastating side effects.” That’s why John is riding another 100+ miles this year and hoping to raise another $5000 for the foundation.

MMP Entertainment has been a proponent of Nicholas, the Derienzo family and the JDRF since 2004.  If you’d like to show your support and contribute to the cure, click here. John Derienzo is the rider to sponsor.

It’s not that often that you get inspired by a 10 year old, but Nicholas shared three words that I felt compelled to consider and pass on to my readers.  When he was asked about his daily motivation in life, he replied…  “Follow your dreams.” Thanks for the reminder Nicholas.  Best wishes!  -mp

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