How Did He Do That? Edward Anastasio from Ephemera Photographics Likes To Get Down for His Clientele

Jen and Evan- Photo by Edward Anastasio, Ephemera Photographics

I attended a wedding a few weeks back for some dear friends.   As it turns out, some dear friends were also providing the entertainment and photography.  The handsome and multi-talented performer, Jay Thomson, served as Emcee and the incomparable, Edward Anastasio, captured the magic with his camera.

My favorite shot of the day was taken in the back of the venue in the pool. (Literally) 🙂  It was just another day at the office for Ed, who is one of the best in the business when it comes to creative angles, a little attitude, glorious quality and impressive results.

Edward Anistasio in action- photo by Bill Giersbach

Congrats to Jenn and Evan!

The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.

The Celebrate Life Series: Episode #9- BrideLive’s Jay Thomson says “Be a Problem Solver”

At a recent industry soiree, I had the opportunity to ask some of the top entertainers and event producers from across the country for some advice that would benefit my clients and anyone else tuning in who was planning a milestone celebration.

This is the 9th episode of MMP’s new online video resource, The Celebrate Life series. These industry rock stars were kind enough to share some advice they’ve given to their clients over the years that helped them have an unforgettable experience filled with exceptional entertainment and hospitality.  This installment of the Celebrate Life series features my  good friend and one of the owners of, Jay Thomson.

BrideLive is a virtual office suite that is designed specifically for  savvy wedding professionals and brides who appreciate the benefits of  connecting online and saving time in their busy day.  More than other video conferencing products that are already on the market, BrideLive is ultra-user friendly and caters to those who want to have a personalized multi-media consultation from the comfort of their homes or current location.    Contact Jay,, for a complimentary demo.  Thomson is also a fabulous entertainer who understands the wedding industry, what brides want, and both sides of the screen.

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Grace Ormonde Brings Luxury, Beauty and Passion to New Jersey Wedding Professionals at The Crystal Plaza

The Grace Ormonde Weddings Collection

Above and beyond the inspirational artistry displayed on the pages of her new book, Grace Ormonde Weddings- “being in love never goes out of style,” it’s easy to see why people were lining up to pay $125 for her gorgeous coffee table collection piece last night when it also contains personal quotes like this…

“Ultimately, our ability to dream is what motivates us, and our ability to love is what sustains us.” – Grace Ormonde

After 10 years of documenting extraordinary weddings, producing bridal expositions and being the Editor-in-Chief of Wedding Style, (a seasonal magazine that features the luxurious sources for fashion, jewelry, lifestyle etc.), Ormonde designed a comprehensive work of art that includes her greatest hits and personal favorites within its pages.

From our little chat, Grace struck me as a kind soul who truly appreciates limitless possibilities with regard to aesthetics and the entrepreneurial spirit.  It didn’t surprise me when I learned later on that Grace’s family grew up in a modest home on the island of Terceria where the nearby ocean view supplied her with a lifetime of inspiration to draw from.

Grace Ormonde and Marcello Pedalino

People with a genuine love and appreciation for the positive energy and therapeutic qualities that the ocean offers seem to be kindred spirits.    Add a  little international, Latin or European flair to the mix and life is really good.  🙂 Order the book  .Follow Grace on Twitter

It was great to see some of New Jersey’s wedding and special event glitterati last night and  meet a few new rising stars who also came out for Grace’s signing;  Wedding Cinematographer Rob Adams,  Photographer Vanessa Joy, the owners of Bride Live- Jay Thomson & Mike Hernadez,  Photographer Ellen Marc, the design team for CW&I Andrea Daly & Kristin Badolato, Wedding Photo Journalist Jessica Lark, & Matthew & Kim Findlay from Crest Florist (the father and daughter team who had my favorite table design of the night.)

Special thanks to Allan Janoff, Nella, Jason & Marco from The Crystal Plaza for their continued support and gracious hospitality.  I’m delighted that MMP’s 2012  event calender has us returning for another exceptional collaboration.



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