The Celebrate Life Series: Episode #7- Sean “Big Daddy” McKee, From The Heart

At a recent industry soiree, I had the opportunity to ask some of the top entertainers and event producers from across the country for some advice that would benefit my clients and anyone else tuning in who was planning a milestone celebration. This is the seventh episode of MMP’s new online video resource, The Celebrate Life series.

These industry rock stars were kind enough to share some advice they’ve given to their clients over the years that helped them have an unforgettable experience filled with exceptional entertainment and hospitality.

The 7th installment of the Celebrate Life series features my good friend, fellow DJ of the Year winner and operations manager at James Daniel Entertainment, Sean “Big Daddy” McKee.  Sean is adored throughout the mobile entertainment community because of his limitless “big daddy loves you” hugs, text messages and positive vibes which are broadcast to the country on a daily basis.

Sean’s clients, like many, want “all of their guests to dance and have a great time.” Via some fun and interactive audience participation techniques after the first course is finished, Sean is able to tastefully encourage an entire guest list to get up from their chairs and over to the dance floor in just a few minutes.   When hiring your master of ceremonies, choose an entertainer who performs from the heart and genuinley loves to serve your family and friends.    That’s a great tip!

You can contact Sean @ (203) 969-2400

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