“Wedding Wee Wee.” A Funny, True and Unforgettable Meme From Endless Wave Studios

A hysterical story that clearly explains why some brides and grooms don’t want kids at their wedding.

Stay tuned because I think Greg may have some live footage of this classic moment too.   -mp  🙂


Article by:  Greg Lassik  

Owner/Cineamatographer at Endless Wave Studios


“There are a million great memes out there on the web, but this for me, takes the cake. We were out filming my cousin Danny’s wedding. He was marrying Nicky, who was as stunning a bride as any. The ceremony was beautiful and the words they spoke to each other had so much meaning that you’d think a great author wrote them for the couple. We arrived at the location for their photo session and that is when it happened!

Wedding Wee Wee, Greg Lassik, Endless Wave Studios

Our adorable flower girl, who had been sound asleep in one of the bridesmaids arms, began to pee all over the bridesmaid! It was a moment I will never forget, for in 13 years I have never seen anything more funny and adorable. The bridesmaid just stood there in shock, in the cool March air, and the flower girl ran off to play with my son, who was the ring bearer. It was then that our cameras caught this moment. Nicky trying not to laugh (not too successful) at the bridesmaid covered in urine. Thus, this meme was born.

Moments can be lost forever. They can be easily remembered by thinking back to the day, but there is nothing better than a photograph or video to bring out the true emotion of those moments. These are, after all, the best moments in your life, so why not document them and hold them close to your heart while you grow old together? Live, laugh and love.


The Celebrate Life Series: Greg Lassik from Endless Wave Studios- An Artisan of Wedding Cinematography

Usually, the Celebrate Life Series features rock stars from the special events industry who provide the talent, production and design required to have a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

For this episode, the focus is on the super-cool guy on the other side of the lens who captures the day’s magic and delivers it first class in a distinctively-crafted short film.

When you start browsing Greg Lassik’s impressive SDE (Same Day Edit) portfolio online, a few things will happen…

Greg Lassik's Tribute Ink- A Phoenix Rising1) You’ll never consider “just having your uncle bring his old camcorder” on some crusty tripod to your wedding “just to get the good parts…” ever again.

2) You’ll never consider just having your friend who is “pretty good with her iPad,” hold up that thing like a total doofus for 4 hours just to end up with raw footage that makes everyone nauseous…. ever again.

3 )You’ll quickly learn to appreciate the difference between someone who knows how to upload way too many grainy selfie-style phone clips to facebook which just annoys most of your friends- and someone like Greg from Endless Wave Studios.

Lassik is a cinematographer.  An artisan of short wedding films that “gets it.”  He understands that quality, creativity, pacing and personality are essential characteristics to broadcast regardless of which side of the camera you are focusing on.

He’s also one of the biggest fans of Back to the Future you’ll ever meet, an avid surfer, a super dad and one of the fortunate few who understands the difference between success and fulfillment.

You can contact @Greg_Lassik at 732-505-1641.

Best wishes to you and your family Greg… and have a blast in Hollywood!

The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.




Greg Lassik: Living The Dream at Endless Wave

Coming soon to the Celebrate Life Series vault, a sit down with my good friend and ultra-talented cinematographer and wedding filmmaker, Greg Lassik from Endless Wave Studios.

Greg and I riffed about his craft, how “timing is everything” at a Wedding Reception, his favorite movie Back to the Future, and what it’s like being a dad.

The full episode will air later this month.

The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.

The Celebrate Life Series presents: How to Make an Entrance at Your Wedding Reception with Jason Jani


The Celebrate Life Series continues with a segment on how to make the beginning of your Wedding Reception more fun, unique and memorable for both you and your guests.

This episode features my good friend and industry rock star from the SCE Event Group, Jason Jani.

Over the past few years, Jason has not only transformed his body with a lifestyle intervention, he has transformed the private events scene across the country by doing some really cool things for some really cool people.
Whether it’s the use of technology, lighting and special fx or blazing a hard-to-replicate trail of fiery mixology; Jason’s way of doing business and performing has attracted a lot of respect and appreciation.

His clients are big fans too.   Especially Kate and Brian.

Kate and Brian knew that how a wedding reception starts is a good indication of how it will end.  So, they hired SCE and the ultra-talented cinematographer Gregg Lassik, from Endless Wave Studios, to make sure that their guests would experience the Best Wedding Reception Ever from start to finish.   An ordinary bridal party introduction might be alright for some couples, but Kate and Brian wanted to start off their celebration with style.  So, they enlisted the expertise of the Jersey Shore dynamic duo and created a brilliant introduction video that showed off their wicked-awesome sense of humor and uber-fun mojo.  

Check out this clip to see how it all came together and the final product.

Best wishes to Kate and Brian!

The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.











WeddingWire.com Publishes Marcello’s Latest, “7 Ways to Bring The Wow & Have The Best Wedding Reception Ever!” on Wedding Aces

I’m honored and delighted that the Wedding industry mega-site, WeddingWire.com, has featured my latest article “7 Ways to Bring The Wow and Have The Best Wedding Reception Ever!” in their exclusive Wedding Aces portfolio.

The WeddingWire network reaches over 8 million people each month via their impressive online social network that includes; Martha Stewart Weddings, Wedding Bee, and Project Wedding.

Wedding Aces is an online community that offers advice and tips for engaged couples via articles and blogs from experts in the Wedding industry.

The 7 Ways article highlights some of the best Wedding professionals in the New York City metro Area as well as several unique ideas that can make your event an exceptional experience.  I wrote the article for engaged couples that are like many of MMP’s clients who feel that the entertainment, ambiance and hospitality are a priority.  They demand dramatically different results from what they’ve seen and they are willing to invest accordingly.

A high resolution pdf of the original article can be viewed & downloaded here.

If I can be of service in anyway to help you Bring The Wow and Have The Best Wedding Reception Ever!, please call 973-366-9776, text 732-547-1677 or e-mail mmp@mmpentertainment.com to schedule a design session.  Best wishes!


7 Ways To Bring The WOW and Have The Best Wedding Reception Ever! By Marcello Pedalino http://www.mmpentertainment.com/articles/7ways.pdf

Special thanks to the Wedding industry rock stars who gave me permission to interview them for the piece and to share their excellence with the world.  Jason JaniPeter Merry, Martin Hardy, Greg LassikJohn Arcara, Jim Cerone, Alan Berg, Mike Walter & Andy Ebon.

And to Sonny and Jeffra from WeddingWire.com, my sincere gratitude for including my work on their incredible site.

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