Dig Deep, then Dig Deeper. Gina Schreck Summits Mt. Kilimanjaro

You might recognize the name from her recent appearance on the Celebrate Life Series.  Gina Schreck, the Goddess of Geek Chic, is one seriously cool cat who also happens to be an avid hiker and lover of pushing herself to the limits.  My kinda gal.

To celebrate her 50th birthday, she did what most tech savvy and talented women do to… she decided hop a flight to Africa and climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Wait.. HUH!?

Yeah, I told you she was cool.    Read all about her incredible experience and self discovery here.  Gina didn’t hold back about sharing her challenging adventure or the benefits of overcoming hard-core obstacles with eventual perseverance.

I think Gina summed up the lessons learned on the trip pretty well when she wrote this… “We struggle and strive upward.  We must stop at times to rest or recalculate and then we press on again, upward.”   “Dig Deep.  Dig Deeper”

Gina Schreck = Rock Star

Best wishes,


Gettin’ Geeky with Gina Schreck: 3 Ways Technology and Social Media Can Make Your Life Better

The Celebrate Life Series continues with social media guidance and technology tips for our discerning clientele and viewers who appreciate helpful advice that can make their lives better.

When she’s not out hiking back home in Colorado instagramming gorgeous sunset pics, Gina Shreck is out helping the world become more tech and social media savvy.    And probably making them laugh at the same time.

Her popular youtube series, Gettin’ Geeky with Gina Schreck and the seemingly endless supply of twitter nuggets she blasts out daily have made her one of the go-to experts by major corporations across the country.  She also gets the call anytime a player in the tech business wants to test out their latest and greatest offerings.

After two years of following her on Twitter, I had the opportunity to meet Gina at a private business symposium last week and was able to pick her brain a bit about three tech-related topics that many of us need to be aware of; cloud-based backup systems, monitoring your child’s internet activity and which apps can make your life a little easier.

Watch the interview to hear the “Chic Geek”‘s recommendations and learn where you need to go when the mountains around your house are too small. 🙂

Best wishes and continued success Gina!

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