The Celebrate Life Series- Marcello Recommends: 10 Things You Can Do To Have A Better Day by Mike Walter

He’s been a featured guest on MMP’s Celebrate Life Series and a frequent contributor to our Sunshine Club;  he’s an established business leader, consultant and performer in the DJ Entertainment industry-  and now, he’s a twice- published author.   Mike Walter, once again joins our recommended list of influential thought leaders who wrote a book for all of the aspiring souls out there who were wondering, “is this as good as it gets?”

With his latest release, 10 Things You Can Do To Have a Better Day, Mike joins the ranks of  Neen James Brene Brown, Danny Meyer, Kevin Hall, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Hsieh who took the time to eloquently share part of their life’s journey with others.  For most of these extraordinary personalities,  their best sellers were either published as a cathartic endeavor, a kindle-friendly way to pass on the sage guidance they were fortunate to receive over the years, or simply a personal commitment to paying it forward.  I think the 10 Things handbook is an engaging trifecta.

Wanna lose weight? check.   Find more energy? check.  Enjoy a more satisfying relationship? check.  Discover fulfillment? check.   Take a vacation? check again.  Do you wanna be more productive, be happier and smile more than you ever thought was possible????….   Like they told Joey in the old Prego commercial, It’s In There!  

DISCLAIMERyour mileage and results may vary and you might not look as good or content as the guy on the left when you’re done.   But, if you don’t at least feel a little better about your life’s potential, your future opportunities, or this limit-less world we live in after reading Mike’s pocketful of sunshine, you better check your pulse.  Seriously.

Don’t just take my word for it.  10 Things has been getting rave reviews since its release a few months ago.    Even if I didn’t have the honor and pleasure to call Mike a dear friend and colleague, I’d still be praising the positive vibes that his book is spreading across the globe.

In this episode of the Celebrate Life Interview Series, Mike dishes out some more great tips and suggestions for finding joy, planning a cool honeymoon, which sports teams to cheer for, and how to mentally prepare for a marathon.

He  also gives a sneak peak into the upcoming sequel to Ten Things as well as a little tease of his  father’s fascinating book which is due out shortly.

With wedding plans just months away, the MMP team would like to wish Mike and his beautiful fiance Kelly, who is also a Sunshine Club contributor, all the health, happiness and success that life has to offer.

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This Is How We Do It- Marcello Recommends: Running Your Multi-Op by Michael Walter

Michael Walter and the Elite Team

On page 107, Michael Walter, the owner of Elite Entertainment, writes “My mom used to tell me,  -Being smart doesn’t mean you have to know all the answers.  It just means you have to know how to find them-.”

In his new book and proverbial treasure mapRunning Your Muil-Op, Michael spoon-feeds 20 years of advice on  how to recruit and develop talent, how to effectively manage and delegate day to day operations, and how to deal with the inevitable growing pains that come along with running a thriving small business.   It’s like Vince Lombardi opening up his playbook and handing it off to Captain Jack Sparrow.

All of the nuggets are delivered with enough real world experience and wit to keep the reader engaged, even during the self-described “more boring legal stuff” section.

Michael Walter, CEO of Elite Entertainment

What I love about the book is that Michael’s information is universalHis tips about taking your employee’s spouses and significant others into consideration throughout the year is relevant to any CEO.   The sections about embracing technology for organizational purposes and marketing will be helpful to any entrepreneur.  And the parts about trust, resolve, humility, ego, reality and balance make the book a good read for anyone who likes to learn life lessons via entertaining anecdotes.   (I love how he and his former business partner decided that it was time to move into an office.)

2001 DJ of the Year Competition: Marcello Pedalino & Michael Walter

Walter is like a Gary Vee. He’s got  a lot of energy to burn and plenty of useful information to share that will motivate others to take action.  He also thrives on progress and readily admits that he likes the attention.  Walter is the kind of guy that you ask to take out to lunch someday after you see him speak at a national conference or read one of his re-tweeted articles. That’s actually how I met Michael 10 years ago.    He was asked to produce the DJ of the Year Competition by DJ Times Magazine back in 2001.  I put my hat in the ring and and was fortunate to win.  Not just because I won a couple of nice plaques and got some great press… but because I  met someone who would become one of my best friends.  (notice I didn’t say “lucky.”   Michael and Branch Rickey don’t really believe in luck)

If you follow this blog, you know I keep things positive, but I also keep things real.  So I was really happy that Mike’s book didn’t suck.  That would have been awkward.   To the contrary, I’m happy to report that all of the initial reviews, beyond our circle of friends since its debut last month-  have been stellar.

“Mike has given away the keys to the candy store. Shared all the trade secrets. Divulged the secret recipe… is he crazy to do so? Maybe. Is he a genius? Definitely. And generous?  OH YES.”Scott Faver

My favorite part of the book was the Epilogue: Words to Live By.   Mike shared several examples of what inspires his  business philosophy and life principles.  He quotes everybody from Sting to Aristotle and mentions everything from Fatal Attraction to The Serenity Prayer.  (it keeps you on your toes- like when Tony Hsieh quoted Winnie the Pooh in his book, Delivering Happiness)  This is a nice snapshot of what our entertainingly-eclectic conversations sound like when we are flying out to a speaking engagement together or while we are out for a training run.

Michael is a fellow “Life Is Good fan and he and the love of his life, Kelly, are big supporters of the Sunshine Club. I thought the excerpt below from the final chapter of the book really encapsulates the Celebrate Life vibe we promote here and just might  inspire someone out there in the world today….    -mp

…” one of the more awesome things about DJing as long as I have, is bringing joy to so many people.  When we do what we do well, that’s what we do.   We get people to dance, laugh, sing, and celebrate.  We get them to leave their routine lives for a few hours and to enter a world where their troubles and difficulties don’t exist. There is only the here and the now at a good party.  Nothing else matters-“… ~Michael Walter

Click here to order your copy of Running Your Multi-Op.

Follow Michael on Twitter:  @DjMikeWalter

The EPMEN Wedding Entertainment Conference Delivers

From Allentown, NJ,  for the Ashford Estate tasting- to Allentown, Pennsylvania, for the EPMEN Wedding Entertainment Conference; this week is all about making Brides & Grooms happy and learning how to help them plan the reception of their dreams.

Some big names in the wedding industry were there to share their expertise with the attendees.  I brought back 3 pages of new ideas and reception enhancement techniques to implement into our upcoming events.

Special thanks  and kudos to Adam Skuba and the EPMEN crew for all of their hard work and hospitality.  -mp

(from Left: Mike Walter from Elite Entertainment, Alan Berg from The Wedding Industry Leaders Conference, Sonny Ganguly from Wedding, Erik Kent from NJ, Signature Events partner- Jason Jani from SCE Weddings, & Marcello Pedalino from MMP Entertainment & Event Production)

Start Your Day off with La Dolce Vita- Marcello Recommends: Casa Lever Restaurant on Park Ave

At the helm:  Dining Room Manager, Robin Gustafsson, prepping for another busy day at Casa Lever Restaurant.

Location, location, location! When you have to give someone from Jersey directions and they end with something like, “right next to Park Avenue and 5th,”  life is indeed sweet.    When Penelope Cruz wants to entertain guests like Madonna and your restaurant is chosen , you might be on to something.   When you can combine classic Milanese dishes with cordial hospitality and then adorn your stylish interior with original Warhols for good measure… the result is Casa Lever, a comfortably-chic restaurant that recently added gourmet breakfast selections to their daily offerings.

Since Lever gets their pastries and breads directly from Sant Ambroeus, I did extra laps in the pool the day before our visit so my carbohydrate/caloric intake-guilt wouldn’t spoil the morning’s indulgence.  🙂

Birthday girl, Tamara Simms, with her husband, Jay.  In town from Chicago for a week of Broadway.

The sumptuous feast consisted of a tomato, mozzarella and basil panini, an apple-filled croissant, a plain croissant with assorted jellies for a warm-up, then an order of raisin brioche french toast  with creme anglaise and  raspberry & blueberry slices plus a side of niman ranch smoked bacon for the meal.  All of the above nicely complimented by 2 cups of  tea and a glass of orange-carrot juice blend.   Delicious!

My dining mates were good friends, colleagues and fellow fitness enthusiasts. (Kudos and congrats to Jay Simms from Chicago who ran the Philly marathon last weekend and qualified for Boston...  pretty much the holy grail of all 26.2 challenges.)  Visiting with his lovely wife, Tamara (who was celebrating her birthday with a week of Broadway), Jay ordered some of Lever’s healthier options along with a familiar face to the MMP readers, Mike Walter.

Mike Walter, Robin Gustafsson and Marcello Pedalino in front of an original Andy Warhol painting of Fashio Icon, Giorgio Armani

Mike Walter, Robin Gustafsson and Marcello Pedalino in front of an original Andy Warhol painting of Fashion Icon, Giorgio Armani

They enjoyed the Golden Granola with yogurt, (organic oates, honey, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, cashews, pumpkin seeds and coconut), the Uova al Tegamino, (sunny-side up organic eggs, crispy applewood bacon and crostini), and Uova Tirolese,  (poached egg, hollandaise sauce, tirolian speck and spinach).  They were very pleased with their meals as well.

We drove in and found a convenient parking garage right up the block.  After breakfast and some of the best shopping in the world-  Radio City Music Hall and the likes of Rockefeller Center are just a short (people-watchers dream) walk away.

So whether you are just waking up and don’t feel like preparing a gourmet breakfast, looking for an impressive table to do some serious business over lunch or are in need of a meeting location with panache (there is a semi-private area in the back of the restaurant that features a drop-down screen and can accommodate up to 20 people),  or are fortunate to be celebrating a special occasion with discerning dinner guests… Casa Lever should be on your dolce vita-radar.  -mp

390 Park Avenue at 53rd,  New York City, NY 10022 (on facebook)

Contact:  Robin Gustafsson, @ 212-888-2700 or

Debbie Pettersson, @ 212-207-6680  ext. 151

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