A Glorious Meal with Anthony Vennera- Marcello Recommends: Davios in Philidelphia

Davios- Marcello Pedalino, Anthony Vennera

You know it’s gonna be a good meal when the prosciutto comes out on a carving board. What a glorious dinner at Davios.

My usual test is the Mozzarella Caprese appetizer.. (Perfect) A flavorful rib eye? (Perfect. and huge!) Scallops with Risotto and bacon? (Yep. Just Right.)

Like NYC, Phili has some serious style and eye candy to enjoy on a warm, sunny day. Apparently, traffic is also fairly common & impressive. I’m glad I left an hour and 1/2 early for the road trip.

Davios has a really nice little lounge area when you step out of the elevator. It’s comfortable and sharp enough for a client meeting (which was part one of my visit) and definitely chic and cool enough for executive happy hour meet-ups. The dining area has a refreshingly-open layout with high ceilings and plenty of natural sunlight shining through the architecturally-adorned half-mooned windows. With all this- and the type of service and hospitality that you’d expect from a fine establishment, my good friend, Anthony Vennera, could not have picked a better spot for an “Ayy…Howya-ben” dinner.

Davios- Marcello Pedalino, Anthony VenneraAnthony, an entertainer-extraordinaire who is also in the business of smiling and helping people celebrate life for a living, is one of the few people on this earth who knows how to work hard, make a difference, look sharp and live in the present.

Between acting out the entire Wizard of Oz play with my daughter on Monday night (she of course was Dorothy and I of course was everybody else) and the 3 hour marathon conversation with Anthony about everything under the sun last night, my voice is shot. When you wake up with a sore throat and no voice from laughing so much and chatting up a storm like you’re at a class reunion, it’s all good.

Anthony is full of positive energy and inspirational karma. -This was one of my favorite quotes of the night when the topics of character building and humility came up….

“Don’t be cocky, Don’t be greedy… Be grateful.” – Anthony Vennera

The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.

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