The Celebrate Life Series: Episode #6 – Marz from Charizma Entertainment, “Looking Good!”

At a recent industry soiree, I had the opportunity to ask some of the top entertainers and event producers from across the country for  some advice that would benefit my clients and anyone else tuning in who was planning a milestone celebration.   This is the 6th episode of MMP’s new online video resource, The Celebrate Life series.

These industry rock stars were kind enough to share some advice they’ve given to their clients over the years that helped them have an unforgettable experience filled with exceptional entertainment and hospitality.

The sixth installment of the Celebrate Life series features my good friend, fellow DJ of the Year winner,  and owner of Charizma Entertainment, Marcellus “Marz” Lawhorn, from Chicago.   His dancing ability and emcee skills have earned Marz iconic status in the mobile entertainment industry. The cool part is, his clients appreciate and respect him as much as we do.  Check out this excerpt from a recent bride…  “Marz was something special, he has a gift. This is something he truly enjoys doing. He has a wonderful family of his own and really treasures bringing the same joy he has to other people. He works really hard for his clients, and it shows through his work.”

If you want to be a dancing queen and look great at your celebration… hire an emcee who can help you move like jagger and tastefully bring some Charizma to your unforgettable fiesta.     That’s a great tip. 

You can contact Marz at 847-480-7210

Best wishes,

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