The Celebrate Life Series, Episode 12: Vincent Velasquez of Hurricane Productions- The New Generation

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!! … nope.  It’s Vincent Velasquez, from Hurricane Productions, flying high in the sky thanks to his seemingly effortless and fearless crowd-surfing skills.  Whether it’s at the International DJ of the Year Competition in front of a couple hundred people or down at Rutgers University in front of a couple thousand, the Puerto Rican-Italian entertainer and entrepreneur takes full advantage of the double-whammy confidence, drive and sharp wit that his heritage offers up.    And the crowds love it.   Present company included.

His approach to life and his tech-chic clientele remind me of the vintage commercial and slogan for Pepsi, “The Choice of A New Generation.”    Essentially, anything that was cool more than four days ago is outdated and the only way to survive beyond the cliched trends is to pioneer a new movement.   Along with his uber-talented partner, Strato Doumanis, Hurricane Productions is attracting the energetic and demanding youth who want to celebrate with style.   FYI, you probably noticed that The Celebrate Life Series was recently treated to a sexy production facelift.    Strato and the Hurricane design team created our new video intro and outro stinger.     The feedback has been full of generous praise.

In this 12th episode of The Celebrate Life Series, Velasquez talks about how steady growth, diversification and client accessibility has enabled Hurricane to establish a notable presence in the glitterati-packed Jersey Shore DJ Entertainment and Event Production arena. Vincent reminds brides  about the importance of hiring a company that can offer all of the pre-reception concierge service items necessary to ensure a stress-free experience as well as exceeding your expectations the day of your wedding reception.

Velasquez and I also riffed about a common culinary pleasure and decadent passion...  pizza.  If you’re like me, and think that a great slice is right up there with a great steak or bacon cheeseburger, tune in for Vincent’s south-jersey pie recommendation.  And if you like gag reels,  reminiscent of the old Cannonball Run movie endings, stick around for the final minute of us just having a few laughs.  🙂

To find out more about Hurricane Innovation, call 888-393-7066.

Follow Vincent on Twitter @VinVelasquez

Best wishes and continued success,



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