The Celebrate Life Series: Episode #9- BrideLive’s Jay Thomson says “Be a Problem Solver”

At a recent industry soiree, I had the opportunity to ask some of the top entertainers and event producers from across the country for some advice that would benefit my clients and anyone else tuning in who was planning a milestone celebration.

This is the 9th episode of MMP’s new online video resource, The Celebrate Life series. These industry rock stars were kind enough to share some advice they’ve given to their clients over the years that helped them have an unforgettable experience filled with exceptional entertainment and hospitality.  This installment of the Celebrate Life series features my  good friend and one of the owners of, Jay Thomson.

BrideLive is a virtual office suite that is designed specifically for  savvy wedding professionals and brides who appreciate the benefits of  connecting online and saving time in their busy day.  More than other video conferencing products that are already on the market, BrideLive is ultra-user friendly and caters to those who want to have a personalized multi-media consultation from the comfort of their homes or current location.    Contact Jay,, for a complimentary demo.  Thomson is also a fabulous entertainer who understands the wedding industry, what brides want, and both sides of the screen.

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