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Examiner.com, Marcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life Book,Special thanks Chef Cindi Avila from examiner.com for calling Marcello Pedalino’s new book Celebrate Life “an inspirational summer must-read” and for her  great review!  Very exciting! Read Cindi’s full article below!



Celebrate Life: An inspirational summer must-read

It’s time to find some reading for the wonderful summer beach weather. “Celebrate Life: How to Live it Up, Discover Fulfillment, and Experience the Joy You Deserve” is just the book we need. Author Marcello Pedalino, a three-time national DJ Entertainer of the Year and lifestyle consultant, inspires us to mold the life we are looking for.

We get a fascinating look at Marcello’s own struggles in life, which eventually led to a rewarding journey to where he is today. He lays out how to create your own journey and warning: it may take you out of your own comfort zone.

Here’s a look at the book chapter by chapter (it’s part photo journal, part workbook, and part road map):

Chapter 1 – Take Care of Yourself: Marcello stresses why physical health and fitness are at the top of the seven-tier pillar: If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your loved ones or your clients! He shares his tricks to eating your favorite foods without putting on the pounds, he lists some of his go-to healthy on-the-road snacks (not your run of the mill Cliff and Luna bars!), and he highlights the importance of understanding the dangers of emotional eating.

Chapter 2 – Keep Good Company: This chapter breaks down the reasons why you MUST distinguish between VIPs (Very Inspiring People) and VDPs (Very Draining People) in order to be successful.

Chapter 3 – Do What You Love: In this chapter, Marcello dives deep into his past and reveals how it allowed him to develop a personal philosophy of what it means to “Go All In.” He challenges us to ask ourselves if we’ve ever wanted something so badly that we were willing to put our creature comforts on the line for it. He discusses the trap too many of us easily fall into— a mindset of mediocrity, settling for less than what we deserve, and ultimately making the huge mistake of believing “it is what it is.”

Chapter 4 – Travel: A trip around the world might not be in the budget and you may not have the nerve to lace up your Nikes and go run across the country like Forrest Gump– but fear not! Just start by getting as far away from your zip code as possible. Marcello offers several examples on how to select the perfect destination, keep costs down, and stay healthy while on the road.

Chapter 5 – Make a Difference: This chapter delves into the critical reasons why paying it forward is essential to living a fulfilled life. He encourages readers to immediately start doing even the smallest acts, since sometimes doing whatever you can within your means and ability is much better than doing nothing at all.

Chapter 6 – Let it Go: Marcello serves up a huge dose of reality in this chapter as he reminds us that everyone at one point or another in their journey gets burned, screwed over, knocked down, disrespected, kicked below the belt, stepped on, or treated like a second class citizen. This chapter is a gentle reminder that the ability to forgive, but not necessarily forget, is truly vital.

Chapter 7 – Evolve: This affirming chapter is perhaps the most important message that sums it all up and asks the question: What’s getting in the way of your personal evolution? Marcello provides his philosophy on conquering life’s adversities and rebuilding, refining, and reigniting your desire to move onwards and upwards.

Neen Jame’s Book Review of Celebrate Life- A “Brilliant Book” by Marcello Pedalino

Neen James just gave Marcello’s new book her “AH – MAZING” stamp of approval.

For those of you unfamiliar with the eternally “Happy Little Aussie,” Neen is a prominent keynote speaker, global thought leader, Super-Productivity expert, and “Attention” aficionado. *She’s also one of the most generous, coolest, and stylish entrepreneurs in Marcello’s circle of influence.

To learn more about Neen and to check out her latest book on how to profit from paying attention, visit www.NeenJames.com Neen is also featured in chapter two of Mr. Pedalino’s book. Her advice to “surround yourself with the right people” and “do what matters” has had an incredible impact on his life.


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