Samsung, The Venetian, and MMP Kick It Up A Notch: BAM!

Samsung, After Dinner Set

Do you want your event to look like this next year? Samsung Celebrates at The Venetian

What happens when you take one of the most successful companies of 2009 and mix it with one of the best venues on the east coast and then sprinkle in some award-winning entertainment?  In the words of Emeril Lagasse,… “BAM!!!”. Not only do you “kick it up a notch” and transform your ordinary annual gathering into an extraordinary Holiday Gala, your guests “feel the love” and experience a festive, elegant and unforgettable evening.

We’ve been teaming up with Samsung Electronics America since 2003.  Over the years, it’s been very exciting to see their company earn the #1 spot for mobile phones and T.V’s here in the United States and the #1 spot for D TV’s worldwide.  If you’re not impressed yet, at a time when many companies cut back and saw their numbers plummet in 2009, Samsung had the best quarter in the company’s history and their stock price went to an all-time high.

The Best of Both Worlds, Live Musicians and DJ Entertainment

The Best of Both Worlds, Live Musicians and DJ Entertainment

If your company holds it’s own, or like Samsung and some of our other VIP corporate clientele, actually manages to  increase growth and raise the bottom line in the new economy, there are usually a few people you want to show your appreciation to. I’ll give you a few seconds to guess who those special people are…….    BAM!   That’s right.  You answered correctly.  Your employees…  The TEAM.      The executives at Samsung know this and agree with Steven Covey, “Always treat your employees exactly how you would treat your best customers. “

So when it was time for Samsung to celebrate another year of success and hard work, we helped them produce a black-tie Holiday Gala fit for royalty.

The Vienese extravaganza begins with a bananas foster presentation

The Viennese extravaganza begins with a bananas foster presentation

If you haven’t been to the new Palazzo Ballroom at The Venetian yet and would like to practice saying “wow,” and walking around with your jaw continuously dropping to the floor,  schedule an appointment and check out the stunning decor, architecture and ambiance of The Palazzo.  From their never-ending cocktail hour selections to their Viennese stations that would impress Willy Wonka himself, The Venetian combines delectable cuisine and first-class hospitality for all of their guests to enjoy.

So Samsung had the right place and the right people (nearly 700) ready to go.  The only ingredient left to add was the right entertainment. A recipe like this demanded MMP’s Best of Both Worlds “Winter Wonderland” package.  It combines the classic DJ entertainment element with live musicians and  multi-media visuals.  The entertainment and production team consisted of a Master of Ceremonies, an on-site Event Manager, DJ, 2 Dance Floor Motivators, Guitar Player, Saxophonist, Percussionist, and an Audio-Visual technician.

Service Awards

Service Awards Presentation

This package was designed for the  discerning client who wants the best of everything; the presentation and musicianship of a live band and the excitement and flexibility of a professional DJ and Emcee. Samsung also wanted to personalize their event and put the spotlight on their guests.  They produced a custom DVD presentation which included a special appearance by Beyonce, they gave out numerous Service and Recognition of Excellence awards, and had photographers on hand to take candids of their happy guests which we displayed on our big screen and dual plasma T.V’s.  (Which of course were manufactured by Samsung.) 🙂

It was an exceptional evening of entertainment and hospitality.  We look forward to teaming up with Samsung and the Venetian again next year and producing another successful collaboration. BAM!

Happy guests; How to raise company morale,

How does Samsung keep the company morale high? Happy team members.

As a side note, not only is it important to take care of your employees, you have to recognize their spouses, significant others and families as well.   If Zagat was to rate Samsung on how well they take care of the people that take care of them, they’d get a 30. Yesterday,  we performed at the company Headquarters for all of the Samsung kids and family members. It was a blast.  Everyone enjoyed cookie decorating, face painting, photos with Santa, interactive games, dancing, a luncheon and gifts for all.

Special thanks as always to Carlos and the staff from the Venetian for their professionalism and to Evan Santi, from Urban Plantscapes, for the fabulous floral arrangements that adorned the ballroom.

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