Marcello Chats with Alan Berg from The Knot and The Wedding Channel: Aspirational

Marcello with Alan Berg from The Knot Wedding Network

Tonight, I had the pleasure of meeting with Alan Berg, Vice President of Local Client Solutions for the Knot Wedding Network.  He was the keynote speaker at a conference for tri-state wedding professionals held in Cromwell, Connecticut.

Alan was referred to me by my friend, Andy Ebon, The Wedding Marketing Authority.  Like  Andy, Alan is totally dialed in to the thought process and preferences of the 21rst century bride. His company, The Knot, is the go-to source for top publications and TV shows like Vogue, CNN, TIME, Live with Regis & Kelly, and Good Morning America.

In addition to some very useful ceremony and reception planning information which I’ll be able to share with all of MMP’s upcoming brides, I also learned a cool new word…”aspirational” …   Influential motivation via visualization. Look for it in the next edition of Webster’s dictionary and Wikipedia.

“It’s Just a Party for 15,000 People, and You’re Invited.” – Michael Bublé is the Perfect Host at Madison Square Garden

Michael Buble

Michael Buble

In the mobile entertainment industry, my good friend, Jim Cerone, is known as the Perfect Host.   In the contemporary pop-jazz category that features old-school romance and classic performances  like Sinatra and the rat pack used to bring to the table, Michael Buble is as close to perfection as they come.

I know a lot of talented emcees, but I’m not sure if any of them could make 15,000 people feel like they were sitting in the front row at the Copacabana with such poise and savior-fair.  Did I mention that Michael can accomplish this without a microphone too?  (If you’ve never been to a MB show, Buble always performs one track…un-plugged-acapella.   I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t seen him do it at three concerts.)

As always, Michael mixed in just the right amount of newer releases like Everything and Haven’t Met You Yet with his modernized versions of classics like Georgia and Heartache Tonight.   What everyone will be talking about today though will be his heartfelt impromptu shout-out to his grandfather who was in the audience and his mini-Michael Jackson tribute. The band ripped into Billie Jean to the delight of the crowd and Buble almost brought the house down when he did the moonwalk after singing the first chorus.

I’d like to welcome Danielle, Joanna & Luigi to the MMP family.  They sat behind us and were the perfect fans.   They were reading all of Buble’s Wikipedia stats on their iPhones before the show started, (“did you know he was Italian and that his middle same was Steven?”) and knew almost every word to every song.   They also joined our little dance party when Michael did his homage to Ferris Bueller and sang Twist and Shout! The whole stadium, (except for about 18 party poopers who refused to get their butts up off their seats, smile and enjoy life for a few minutes) was up and dancing the night away.  What a moment!

Style, Class and Talent- MB


When Michael Buble told us “it’s just a party for 15,000 people and you’re invited” after the first set… we believed him.

I know we’ve got readers from all over the country so check out the Crazy Love Tour dates and treat yourself to a night of what Andy Ebon and James Cameron might consider perfection, you deserve it. Special thanks to our good friends, Mike and Kelly, for treating us last night. And it was a pleasure catching up with Dominick and getting to know his girlfriend, Sarina… best wishes with your nursing career.

P.s   Kudos to Mike who got up and ran the NYC half marathon in 1:45:18 this morning.   At dinner last night, Kelly joked that Mike only scans the first section of lengthy e-mails and articles- so he probably won’t even see this.

Staying Connected With Skype and a Business Profile on Facebook

skypeAfter attending a 70th surprise birthday party last September, I knew I was a little behind the times. The MMP website and MMP blog had been getting rave reviews since their inception so I thought I was on top of the social media cool-factor scale… not quite. When you have 70 year old guys talking about video-calling their grandchildren overseas (via Skype) and saying things like, “yeah, I left a message on their wall and they posted some great pictures” (via Facebook), it’s time to do some catching up.

Within the next few weeks, all of my previous clients and industry contacts will be getting an e-invitation tobecome a fan” of MMP Entertainment and Event Production on Facebook. After a month-long trial and getting my virtual feet wet, I’ve managed to merge the MMP Entertainment blog with the MMP Entertainment Corporate Profile page on Facebook. For those of you that follow the blog, you know that we feature event highlights, industry news, helpful event planning information, inspirational stories and a few videos that will offer you some peace of mind if you’re having a bad day.   So, don’t worry about being bothered by twitter-like posts such as, “I just ate a bagel here at Starbucks…wish they gave me more cream-cheese.” Nope, not gonna happen.   All kidding aside, Facebook finally started catering to its corporate members who wanted to utilize the benefits of their vast network without the distractions of their social network pitfalls.  With the introduction of Business Profiles and enhanced filters, Facebook is now a must-have tool for the 21st century entrepreneur.

facebookNext up is Skype.  Even though I’ve been traveling internationally for a few days, my clients (and family) love that MMP utilizes Skype  communications to keep in touch.  Back in the day, being able to check in with the office via e-mail was cool. When cell phones began offering international and global plans, making a call was even cooler. In 2010, not only can you stay connected, you can be the coolest person in the crowd by video-calling your friends, family and business associates. Did I mention that it was free? Did I mention that all you need is a laptop with a high-speed connection? Bonus, it only takes 5 minutes to set up an account and I haven’t gotten any related spam since I’ve been using the program for the past month.

Special thanks to my good friends, John Walter and social media guru, Andy Ebon, for the inspiration and the little social media kick in the butt.

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