The Silver Platter: Marcello Recommends- “Hiring the Music” by Joe Bunn

If you’ve ever considered expanding your mobile DJ company but put it off because of the considerable amount of work involved, Joe Bunn just took away your last excuse.

If you’re not a fan of making thorough checklists and writing an effective training manual, no problem.  Joe did it for you and already spellchecked everything.

Maybe you’re not sure how to find your next entertainer or what to say when they come in to your office?  No problem, Joe filmed a recent interview with a prospective team member and gives you the play by play on how to do it yourself.

Perhaps, like most entrepreneurs I know on the cusp of making the leap into the multi-op world, you really want to get to the point where some local talent says to you… “Forget doing this on my own, I want to come work for you.”  If so, then pick up a copy of Hiring the Music and let Joe show you how it’s done.

As the veteran owner of North Carolina’s Bunn DJ Co and rock star performer in his own right, Joe serves up nuggets for everyone;

– Hiring the Music will benefit established multi ops who are looking to improve staff morale and company culture.  Joe actually explains and demonstrates the importance of having fun at team meetings while simultaneously showing off how long he can do a plank.

– Hiring the Music will benefit single ops who are looking to improve their craft.  Joe’s content covers the simple ways you can earn more referrals and create better experiences for your clients.  His material covers under-utilized applications of volume control and music programming which have personally made me a lot of money over the past 25 years.

Hiring the Music is a ridiculous bargain at $99.  The FAQ section with Joe speaking right to you at the end of the video is worth at least five times that much.  Seriously.  I’ve made a good living based on the knowledge that I’ve gained from flying across the country and taking really successful people out to lunch and picking their brain.  Joe’s training video saves you a lot of time and money by answering almost all of the important questions that you should ask someone with his expert level of wisdom. 

Don’t let the way he says “again”  (uh-ginn) fool you, Joe knows what’s up in the world of hustle and making things happen.  He might be a self-professed “redneck from the south” but I assure you, he can teach you more about success than most college professors.

CLICK HERE to order your copy of Hiring the Music.

By the way, if you like taking things to the next level like me, sign up for the next PHDJ Workshop with Joe and Mike Walter to continue your master class on DJ entrepreneurship.

Best wishes and continued success,

Marcello Pedalino on ‘Today In New York’ with Gus Rosendale on WNBC 4 – How To Wake Up Happy

Marcello Pedalino, Author of Celebrate Life, on ‘Today In New York’ with Gus Rosendale on WNBC 4 from MMP Entertainment: Marcello on Vimeo.

1) Be mindful the night before:

a) If you want to wake up happy, the best thing you can do is go to bed happy.  Now, that’s not always possible so the next best thing is to go to bed with some peace of mind.  Take a few minutes to debrief and decompress.  Acknowledge the day’s challenges and write down a few foundation solutions on a piece of paper.  The next morning you can refer to the notes and start your day with a plan.

b) Prep for the day ahead and think about what I call “The Fab 4” for your bedroom.  You want it to be clean, cool, quiet, and dark.

c) You also want to remove all distractions.  Unless you’re a doctor who needs to be on call or something of that nature, put your phone in the kitchen.   If your excuse is that you need an alarm clock, buy an alarm clock.

2) Don’t Hit Snooze:

a) Like the saying goes, “you snooze- you lose.” Don’t bother wasting your time by hitting snooze.  You’re just avoiding the inevitable.

b) If you need to hit the snooze button when you wake up, you probably went to bed too late.  Either that, or you need to make some significant lifestyle adjustments.

3) Avoid picking up your phone when you wake up:

Don’t tempt the social media Gods in the morning.  Their job is to put stuff on Facebook and Instagram that will make you want to sit there and scroll mindlessly for 35 minutes.  FYI They are really good at their job!  This includes politics, too.  If you are more focused on who is running the White House rather than who is running your own house when you open your eyes, you’re not going be as productive as you could be in the morning.

4)  Don’t watch TV:

Unless of course you are tuning in to Today In New York or The Today Show.  Those are both legal and recommended viewing. 🙂 Otherwise, turning on your TV is just as bad as surfing your social sites on your phone if you’re still under the covers.

5) Be grateful and be present:

a) For the first few minutes of your new day, practice some gratitude and introspection.  Start by thinking about a few things in your life that you are grateful for.   Then, visualize all the things you want to accomplish before you get back into bed tonight.  See it.  Believe it.  Go make it happen.

b) If you are fortunate enough to be waking up next to your true companion, let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

6) Fuel up and go:

a) Start the day off with a workout, shower, and a healthy breakfast.  This will give you the energy you need to take on the rest of the day.

b) Eventually, waking up happy will evolve into making sleep, nutrition, and exercise a priority and soon you’ll start waking up to the realization that your future can be better than you ever thought possible.




Marcello Pedalino, CFT, is the author of the new inspirational book on personal growth and development, Celebrate Life. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainer. He delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.

Heaven on Earth: Villa Calettas in Costa Rica

Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino & Marcello Pedalino at Villa Calettas, Costa Rica

Villa Calettas.   A place “heaven on earth” is more than words.
For a boutique hotel experience or just a pretty nice view while you enjoy a sunset smoothie, consider Hotel Villa Caletas Costa Rica to celebrate your next milestone event. 🙂


Marcello Rocks The Blue Ocean Music Hall for Andrew and Erin’s Wedding Reception

Celebrate Life, Marcello Pedalino. MMP Entertainment, Blue Ocean Music Hall

We’d like to thank Three Dog Night, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Rusted Root and Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes for warming up the dance floor for us this past weekend at the Blue Ocean Music Hall. 🙂

Congrats and best wishes to the stunning Bride, Erin, and the handsome Groom, Andrew! The weather reports were a “lil’ off so we ended up having sunny blue skies the entire weekend. Sometimes things just work out better than you could’ve planned.

With the help of seasoned pros like Stacy, Andrew, Jen, Doreen and the stellar Blue Ocean team, it was another exceptional DiGiacomo Wedding Celebration.

Thank you for your hospitality.


Marcello Pedalino, MMP Entertainment, How To Be a Standout Wedding Guest, Celebrate Life Book,

Shipping Up To Boston: A Blue Ocean Music Hall Wedding Preview

This weekend we’re shipping up to Boston! 🙂

It’s been 2 years since we celebrated with the DiGiacomo family.

If Frank and Tina’s wedding reception here in Jersey was any indication, Andrew and Erin’s celebration at the Blue Ocean Music Hall will be another exceptional once-in-a-lifetime event.

Let’s go!

Marcello Pedalino, MMP Entertainment, How To Be a Standout Wedding Guest, Celebrate Life Book,

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