Behind The Scenes of Music’s Greatest Stories- Marcello Recommends: On This Date In Music by Mike Walter

On This Date In Music by Michael Walter

I don’t know about you, but I love getting the inside scoop on things.

As a huge fan of the VH1 series, Behind The Music, I knew Mike Walter’s latest book had the potential to be awesome for me and a lot of fellow entertainment history enthusiasts. I’m happy to report that ‘On This Date In Music’ did not disappoint.

I love hearing about someone’s “lucky” break, all the hard work they put in, all the frustrating disappointments they endured, some of the fascinating coincidences they experienced, and a few of the fateful detours they took along their journey.

On This Date In Music¬†is the perfect coffee table book for anyone who gets as excited as I do about music history! Not the boring kind of music history though. (Like, this song was written by so and so and they did well on the charts and they made a lot of money then they drank too much and we never heard from them again). That’s too predictable and usually ALL you hear about. ūüôā Nope! Mike’s diligent and well-rounded research gives you the “beyond the typical headlines” backstory into some of the most famous, and infamous, stories in music history.

For example, most people know that Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ became a pop culture retro-hit after it was featured on The Sopranos. But, now I know why Steve Perry wrote it, how he got the lyrics, and the hilarious poetic licence he took when it came to singing about Detroit.

It’s a REALLY big book (at least for me) so another great thing about OTDIM is that there is a separate story entry for each day of the year. Actually, you can crack open the book and start reading from any date/page of the year. That’s very cool! You can pick it up and read a daily entry if you only have a few minutes to spare on your lunch break or you can do a full week or month at a time when your schedule permits.

Author, Michael Walter (center) with Anthony Vennera (left) and Johnny V (right) at the book launch party for On This Date In Music Photo Credit: Johnny V

The detail and backstories are just as enjoyable as Mike’s written delivery. I felt like I was at a cool restaurant or lounge listening to famous Rock and Roll stars tell anecdotes that only people on their tour bus would know. I love that stuff! And you will, too.

Whether you read one entry a day or bang out a full week at a time, you’ll find that OTDIM is a great way to simultaneously relax, entertain yourself, and discover cool facts about some of your favorite bands and artists.

Bonus: you’ll have some great stories to re-tell the next time you’re out with family and friends or you’ll have a fresh new background perspective when you hear a familiar song on the radio.

Order your copy, here.


3 Ways to Come Back Refreshed and Recharged After Vacation

No Gym? No Problem! Marcello Pedalino, author of Celebrate Life, with 3 Tips for Travel Wellness from MMP Entertainment: Marcello on Vimeo.

So maybe you just spent the last 3 months working your butt off to get back into to shape for your friend’s wedding, because you’re turning 30/40/50, or because you wanted to look good in your bathing suit for an upcoming vacation… then you come home and the wheels fall off again. Why? This little article might help you keep up the momentum during your transition back to home and work.

1) No gym? No problem.  Take a look around and work with what you have.  Explore your new location and get creative.  Just the fact that you are breathing in fresh air and feeling the bright  sunshine on your face instead of being inside a dark and smelly spin class room will make for a great way to start the day!

Click here to see how much fun riding a bike can be when you’re not anchored to the floor.¬† ūüôā¬†

Whatever you do, try to avoid the typical tourist trap of¬†passing out by the pool without any sun screen on in the middle of the day after a night of drinking too much… especially, on the last day of your trip.¬† Returning to work the day after with a sunburn, headache, and a bloated belly¬†might affect your mood and productivity level just a tad.

2) Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…¬†but¬†Be Responsible.¬†¬†You‚Äôre on vacation so of course you can treat yourself to a few nice dinners and¬†indulge in life‚Äôs deliciousness.¬† However, try to find a hotel/condo where you can walk or bike into town each day, buy¬†fresh ingredients, and cook your own tasty meals.¬† Not only will you enjoy¬†meeting the locals and learning about their culture,¬†you‚Äôll be in charge of the¬†food portions¬†when it‚Äôs time to eat.¬† (Destination restaurants, like those in the states, are infamous for piling things on and encouraging guests to overeat.)

3) Unplug and Look Up.  Don’t spend the majority of your vacation staring down at your phone mindlessly thumbing and scrolling though your social media feeds with your headphones on.  Not only will you miss out on most of the sights and sounds of your destination, you’ll be one of the worst travel companions to your friends or family. If you want to completely ignore everyone and be obsessed with your phone, you can do that at home and save yourself a bunch of money.  Find a book (an actual book), a magazine about one of your  favorite hobbies, or go old-school and play some games that are fun and keep your brain from turning to mush ( for the times that just sitting still and relaxing aren’t good enough for you ).

Safe travels!





Marcello Pedalino, CFT, is the author of the new inspirational book on personal growth and development, Celebrate Life.  He is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainer. He delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.

Be A Finisher: 3 Ways to Follow Through On Your New Year’s Resolution

You’ve probably seen a lot of New Year’s resolution posts litter Facebook and Instagram over the years that ultimately ended up in¬†a social media graveyard of unfulfilled pledges.

Here are three strategies to help you finish what you start and be different than 90% of Americans who fail to follow through.

#1 Reality Check

Like many things in life,¬†moderation is the key.¬†If you start off by saying you want to lose 40 pounds and get a six pack, you’ll soon realize that that’s a pretty lofty goal and will take a considerable amount of time and dedication to accomplish if done safely.

Try this:¬†¬†Start with a more realistic and less daunting¬†goal¬†of losing 5 pounds and walking around the block once a day at lunchtime. Try to eliminate 1 night of drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.¬†¬†¬†Try to get an additional 30 minutes of sleep¬†per night and try to eliminate 30 minutes of screen time after dinner.¬†¬† Instead of just throwing out a number and a “look” that you think you deserve, you’ll start laying the foundation for healthier lifestyle choices.¬† By making the smaller goals more attainable, you’ll start to gain¬†momentum, consistency, and measurable results¬†that can deliver a new lease on life.¬† And don’t forget to celebrate your successes along the way.¬† Instead of waiting until you lose the entire 40 pounds, make a big deal about accomplishing each and every 5 pound milestone.¬† The positive mojo and energy will really help you continue to fuel your efforts.

#2 Accountability Partners

The sooner you acknowledge the validity of the notion that¬†“You are who you surround yourself with”,¬†the sooner you’ll realize how important it is to¬†make your solo adventure a team effort.¬†¬†This doesn’t mean that the chosen few you accept into your inner-circle will do the hard work for you or simply tell you the things that you¬†want¬†to hear vs.¬†need¬†to¬†hear when times get tough, but it does mean that you’ll have system in place forcing you to check in with your trusted friends/mentors/advisors/coaches on a bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly basis to report your progress (or lack thereof) and¬†keep you honest.

Try this:

Social media has made finding prospective accountability partners fairly simple.¬† Look for results and consistency as opposed to a bunch of drama-related posts.¬† If you see someone posting a few pics online 2 years after they started their journey toward better self-care and they are still fit or improving their overall wellness status, they should be on your short list of people to reach out to.¬†¬† They have probably experienced the same pitfalls and inevitable bumps in the road that are headed your way.¬†This knowledge and camaraderie of empathy will be a difference-maker in the long term after the initial excitement of trying something new wears off.¬†¬†¬†Keep in mind, the people who simply “liked” your original posts will eventually stop cheering you on because they are on to the next cause or attention-grabbing media hype of the day.

#3 Forget the Calendar

There was¬†a great song by Sade¬†back in the day where she mentioned that¬†“Every day is Christmas and Every night is New Year’s Eve”.¬†¬† The underlying sentiment being,¬†you don’t have to wait for a special holiday to treat yourself, to do something awesome, or to make someone else feel special.¬† Don’t fall into the trap that you have to wait until January 1st every year to start improving your lifestyle habits.

It’s¬† similar to the psychological quicksand that many Americans get caught in when they say something like, I’ll just wait until¬†(insert holiday or personal milestone)¬†comes to start getting serious about making these changes.¬†¬†

Try this:

Realize that when it comes to your health and happiness,¬†the best time to start any type of intervention is- today.¬† As in, now!¬†¬†¬†You could be reading this in the middle of summer or winter and it won’t matter. Resolutions of any kind or branding can only be attained if you take the first step.¬†¬† Once you begin your journey,¬†the key to seeing your resolutions through is focusing on the process vs. the goal.¬†¬†¬†Just ask my friend, Randy Bartlett.

If you want to be a “finisher,”¬†you’ll soon realize that the 10% of Americans who actually accomplish their goals ¬†AND maintain consistent positive momentum, are the ones who already came to the realization that the continued implementation of¬† healthy lifestyle habits have evolved into an everyday lifestyle choice.¬† New Year’s Day is just another day on the calendar.




Marcello Pedalino, CFT, is the author of the new inspirational book on personal growth and development, Celebrate Life. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainer. He delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.  

Pleasure, Purpose, and Pride: Marcello Recommends- The Blue Zones of Happiness by Dan Buettner

I always enjoy learning from people who are really good at what they do and I’m very fortunate that¬†there is no shortage of generous folks out there who are willing to share their life experiences¬†with me.¬†¬† Guys like New York Times best-selling author, Dan Buettner, make it easy.¬† They do all the research, travel the world, and wrap up all of their wisdom with a nice little red bow in the form of¬†an easy-to-follow guide book.

Dan wrote¬†The Blue Zones of Happiness. A Blueprint for a Better Life.¬†¬†He interviewed some of the happiest people from the happiest places on Earth and wrote down what he learned.¬†¬†He documented all the personal, professional, psychological, spiritual, environmental, and financial¬†factors that play a major role in determining whether or not you’re going to be content with your life.¬†¬†He also collaborated with other top happiness researchers (yes, there are actually happiness researchers out there) and complied a ton of potentially life-altering data for the human race.

Buettner says happiness pretty much boils down to four things:¬†¬† “A person needs 1) something to do, 2) someone to love, 3) something to give, and 4) something to look forward to.”¬† Think about it.¬† If you can have each one of those things on a daily basis… that’s a pretty productive and fulfilling day!

(Speaking of “something to give”, My good friend Mike, author of¬†10 Things You Can Do To Have¬† A Better Day,¬†surprised me with a copy of Blue Zones as a gift right before I left for my annual sabbatical to Costa Rica.¬† -A spot that Buettner discovered to be one of the happiest places on Earth. Probably why I’ve been coming back here for 18 years and now bringing my family along, too.)

Pick up a copy of Blue Zones for yourself to check out the rest of Dan’s immense research and findings.

Below are a just a few parts of the book that stood out to me

“In other words,¬†instead of seeing a long, healthy life as a goal that required discipline, effort, and a prescribed routine, people in the blue zones found it occurred almost naturally; it flowed from their surroundings.¬†In these places, it seemed, the healthy choice wasn’t the deliberate choice, it was the unavoidable choice. Grains, greens, and beans- which many studies have linked to healthy, long lives- were the least expensive and most accessible foods in these places.¬† People used time-honored recipes to make food tasty, and their kitchens were set up to allow fast and easy preparation.¬† When friends and neighbors got together, they often shared the same healthy meals as part of their regular social activities.¬†¬† Being lonely wasn’t an option.¬†¬†And in all of the Blue Zones, people had a vocabulary for their purpose in life.¬† People knew why they woke up in the morning.¬† They were able to describe their responsibilities, and they pursued their passions into their 10th decade.¬†¬†They lived not only long lives but also rich, happy ones.”¬†¬†¬†-Dan Buettner

“We now know that happiness is an essential part of functioning well, and that it gives a boost in well-being not only to individuals, but also to those around them, their communities, and their societies.¬†¬†Rather than being a luxury to be pursued only after we take care of the more important things in life, happiness is beneficial to everything else we desire:¬†It aids our health and helps us live longer; it aids our social functioning and makes us better citizens; it helps us perform better at work; and it builds up resilience, which enables us to bounce back after setbacks and/or when bad events occur in our lives.¬†¬†The happier we are, the better we are for our friends and family, our workplaces, our communities, and our society as a whole.”¬†-Edward Diener

“Reshape your surroundings vs. depending on willpower.¬†¬†¬†Stack the deck in your favor…¬† your social network, your work environment, your house, and the way you spend your free time-¬† Nudging your life towards greater health and well being.”¬† ¬†-Arnette Travis

“In countries like Costa Rica, social connections, family gatherings, and an ability to create happy moments and laugh at adversity seem to make up for a lack income.¬† People don’t get into the trap of overworking, overspending, and undersocializing.¬† Costa Ricans are good at creating happy moments every day, with no need for special occasions.”¬† ¬†¬†-Mariano Rojas

“Costa Rica’s health care system works so well because it aims to keep people healthy in the first place.¬† In the United States, incentives are aligned to drive up costs.¬† Here, for years, the emphasis has been on the preventative health system, because, quite frankly,¬†the objective of a good health care policy is for people not to get sick.” ¬†¬†-Jose Maria Figuere

“Teach life skills in school.¬† American Schools tend to focus on metrics and testing for academic abilities such as language arts, science, and math.¬† While these topics are important, the ability to think creatively and solve life’s problems, get along with other people, and engage in civic life are just as important, perhaps even more so, for the happiness of the public.¬†Schools almost completely ignore life skills, such as choosing the right job or the right mate- decisions that will determine your happiness as an adult more than anything else.¬† How we feel is just as important as how we do in life, and that message can be conveyed through the school experience.”¬†-Bertha Barnes…

Hill advocates editing our space and winnowing our belongings to focus on what matters.¬† “In an era of abundance, happiness is having just enough,” Hill says.¬† Not too much.¬† Not too little.¬† It’s about cutting the extraneous so you can focus on the good stuff.” – Not a bad mantra for the rest of our lives, too.¬† -Graham Hill

“When we choose not to indulge the thought, it loses energy and fades.¬† In other words, if we put the monkey in the cage, it will eventually go sit down…..”¬†

“If we can slow down our minds for long enough, and fully experience the present, we have a chance to actually observe our thoughts and control them, rather than letting

Know your purpose.¬† As we’ve discovered in the happiest places, and in research from the experts,¬†being invested in something greater than ourselves is fundamental to a richer, happier life.

“I don’t believe that asking you to change your behavior does you much of a service:¬† Most people forget,¬†run out of discipline, or¬†get bored just after just a few months. …… Reshape your environment.”¬† -Dan Buettner




Marcello Pedalino, CFT, is the author of the new inspirational book on personal growth and development, Celebrate Life.  He is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainer. He delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority. 




How To Stay Happy, Healthy, and Safe This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other big holidays right around the corner, the invitations to¬†eat, drink, and be merry¬†should start hitting your inbox very soon.¬†¬†¬†If you ever wondered if it were possible to avoid the annual year-end roller coaster ride of weight gain and some common buffet line pitfalls, read these three tips below.¬† You’ll also learn how to stay alive and make it to next year’s holiday season.

1) Keep Good Company:¬†The worst possible time to hang around lazy and negative people and to be less active than usual is the holiday season.¬†¬†If you’re hanging around with people who would rather stay inside eating fast food while scrolling through their drama on Instagram and Facebook during lunchtime instead of hanging around people who eat well and enjoy going outside for a walk, you’re cheating your body out of all the productive energy and positive mood boosters that exercise and fresh air have to offer.

Try This:  Go out of your way to associate with friends and co-workers who make nutrition, fitness, and celebrating life a priority.  Remember, you are who you surround yourself with.

2) Pace Yourself:¬†No, we’re not talking about exercise here.¬† We’re talking about food.¬† Chances are you’ll find yourself in front of multiple buffets this holiday season.¬† Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach.¬† Try not to compete with the person next to you to see who can pile the most stuff onto their plate.¬†Portion control is paramount during the holidays.

Try This:¬† Make an effort to start your buffet line excursion by simply making a small salad on your first run. ¬†Eat slowly, have some of your water, then return for round two.¬† Try for one piece of chicken, beef, or fish, and then a large spoonful of veggies on the side.¬†¬†Eat slowly.¬† Finish your glass of water.¬† Drink another glass of water slowly while enjoying the company and conversation around you.¬†¬†Wait for 10 minutes.¬†¬†¬†If you are being honest with yourself, you’ll realize that you’re not hungry anymore and don’t even want or need to eat dessert.¬† *Now, if you are invited to multiple parties and you happen to enjoy dessert as much as I do, it’s okay to have dessert at one or two of them.¬†¬† (Especially, if your wife makes a ridiculous homemade apple pie.)¬† If your regular daily nutrition is on point, a few desserts over the holidays won’t hurt. Moderation is key.¬† Just keep in mind, the extra calories add up fast!

3) Call Uber:¬† If you’re not getting enough sleep, if you like to text while driving, or you enjoy drinking during the holidays, DON’T DRIVE.¬†¬†The amount of car accidents and deaths each year during the holiday season due to impaired driving is staggering.¬† The worst part is that most of them could have been avoided with common sense.

Try This:¬† If you’re driving home later than usual after attending a party and you feel your eyes getting very heavy, pull over as soon as you can find a safe place to take a little power nap.¬† If you know in advance that you’ll be getting home later than usual,¬†call an Uber for your round trip transportation.¬† Most people don’t realize that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving.¬† Speaking of drunk driving,¬†STOP IT.¬† Don’t think you’re the exception and you can get yourself home after a few drinks just because you’ve been extremely lucky all these years.¬† Call an Uber.¬† And¬†speaking of being lucky, if you haven’t crashed or killed anyone yet from texting while driving you’re playing with fire.¬†¬†Either pull over and type your reply or just call an Uber so you can text your heart out.¬† Remember, an Uber might be more expensive, but¬†you can’t put a price on your life, the lives of others, and your future.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!


Marcello Pedalino,¬†CFT, is the¬†author¬†of the new inspirational book on personal growth and development,¬†Celebrate Life. He is an award-winning entrepreneur,¬†lifestyle expert, and¬†fitness trainer. He delivers dynamic¬†keynote presentations¬†to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.¬† *In addition to being an amazing pediatrician,¬†his wife,¬†Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino, makes the best homemade meatballs, sauce, and apple pie in Jersey.¬† ūüôā

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