Sunshine and Smiles From All Over the Country: The 2023 Celebrate Life Ride

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” -Amy Poehler
Thank you to everyone who joined Dr. Jill and me this week for the 2023 Celebrate Ride in New York City. Over the years, you have all changed our lives for the better.
From Colorado to Boston to Oklahoma to Ohio, 30 VIPs (Very Inspirational People) came into town for a day of sunshine, fresh air, and a little tour of the Big Apple.
Special thanks to the Celebrate Life support team who helped keep our riders safe and moving in the right direction.- Michael, Johnny V –, John, Leo, and our Dads- (Vic and Frank) who drove the SAG wagon all day.
Shout out to our Master bike mechanic, Franklin Céspedes, who changed 2 flat tires faster than an Indy 500 pit crew.
A big Thank You to Johnny V, who carried 80lbs. of gear on his back all day so he could set up some awesome group shots along the route and we could all treasure the memories of this incredible experience. *This was after he came 2 hours before everyone else showed up to make sure that we had a great sound system for the meet and greet & opening ceremonies.
A note of gratitude, to our official event sponsors: Healthy Kids Pediatrics and MMP Entertainment for producing the event, donating the breakfast buffet, providing the on-site event management, and arranging all of the bike safety & support measures in New Jersey and New York.
As always, Dr. Jill and I have made a donation to The Wounded Warrior Project on behalf of all of our participants in honor of our American Heroes.
Btw- I finally learned the secret of how to eat 5 slices of delicious pizza for lunch and not gain any weight… you just do it on a day that you ride 30 miles with your friends and it all balances out. ?
Onwards and upwards…
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