My First Oprah Winfrey Moment and An Unforgettable Weekend in Arizona

Dear Arizona,
Thank you for a truly amazing experience and my first ever Oprah Winfrey moment.
After being called up to the stage with over 600 people in the sold-out audience at the workshop I was attending, the remarkable and infinitely-wise spokesperson from Abraham-Hicks publishing surprised everyone (including us) by telling them that they would each be getting copies of BOTH children’s books that Dr. Jill wrote! The crowd cheered, I almost cried, and all the ‘feels’ erupted inside my heart knowing that so many #kids and #parents will soon be benefiting from the important and powerful messages they will be reading.
I watched a #driverless car cruise down the road next to us. I watched a fresh & delicious #pancake appear on my plate 30 seconds after pressing a button. I was reminded that home is wherever you make it and that the expression “there’s no place like home” is always accurate when you are with your #soulmate , family, or with harmony flowing from your heart.
Special thanks to my super-fun, fierce, smart, and talented sister-in-law, Lesa, for her generous hospitality and for hosting this unforgettable weekend.
P.S. If you are ever in the #Phoenix #Arizona area and want to treat yourself to something stellar, to #celebrate a milestone occasion, or need a spot to take out a VIP #client for a #business lunch, I highly recommend the Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort #hotel , the outdoor circle bar, and its center table in front of the fireplace at Renata’s Hearth.
Onwards and upwards…
Cheers, -m
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