An “Experience” vs. a “Gift.”

Give your client or that special someone in your life “an experience” vs. “a gift.”
Whether you’ve been in business for 35 years like me or are just starting out, there will come a time when you’ll need or want to show someone your appreciation. Or, perhaps someone special in your life has a milestone event or accomplishment they will be celebrating and you need to get them a “gift.”
Well, you can’t go wrong with a generic gift card or hand-written “thank you” note, but, you CAN take it up a few notches by getting your deserving recipient “an experience” instead.
If your special client or a person in your life, happens to like good food- like REALLY good food, then I highly recommend arranging for a professional chef to come to their home and cook a five course meal for them. The cuisine will be decadent, the ambiance will be relaxing, the conversation will lively, and the “experience” will not be forgotten because the menu and festivities will have been personalized to the guest of honor.
The next time you find yourself asking, “What should I get for (so and so), they have everything.” consider hiring someone like my friend, Chef Dorant Wolfe, Trufflesnthyme, to give them an unforgettable and delicious experience.
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