Pomptonian Food Service Celebrates 60 Years with Plenty of Sun, Fun, and Smiles!!!

When your company is celebrating its 60th year in business and its 30th annual Family Picnic, you put your hands up high in the air and celebrate! Congratulations to Candy and Mark Vidovich and their incredible Team at Pomptonian Food Service for continuing to provide students with high quality nutritious food at an affordable price with an unparalleled dedication to service.

Pomptonian’s small army of 150 members took over Van Saun County Park to give over 1300 of their employee’s and their families a fun, delicious, sunny, and memorable day!

This year the festivities included a doggie pageant fashion show, inflatable dodge ball, pie eating contest, water balloon toss, lots of dancing, and about 43 other very very cool interactive gaming stations!! 

As always, it’s an honor and a pleasure to provide the entertainment for this awesome company.

Special thanks to Mike Bello‘s son, Michael, for taking some great pics throughout the day!

See ya next year!

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