Nutrition Coach Certification from The International Sports Sciences Association for Marcello Pedalino CFT, CNC, Author of Celebrate Life

Nutrition, Sleep, and Exercise. I have always made these 3 pillars of wellness a priority so I can continue to thrive as a father and husband as well as an entrepreneur and entertainer.

By continuing to learn and grow both personally and professionally, my discerning clientele will continue to get what they deserve- the best I can be.

I’ve been learning more and more about how proper nutrition can help entertainers like me maintain optimal energy levels and peak performance conditioning. Since I plan to keep on performing and producing exceptional special events at the highest level, continued education is paramount.

I’m proud to share my newest certification as a Nutritionist Coach from The International Sports Sciences Association.

I’m very excited for the next 20 years of fun, distinctive, and memorable events.

Let’s do this!


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