From Colorado to Texas- The Celebrate Life Book visits Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do with Thom Singer

From Colorado to Texas, The Celebrate Life Book Tour continues.

Special thanks to Thom Singer for having me on his show, Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do. In this 13 minute highlight clip, Thom and I riff about:

1:15 – The law of attraction & why you never want to be the smartest person in the room.
3:35 – How to be a rock star connector like Neen James.
4:30 – The entrepreneur’s double edged sword & why “complacency is the enemy of progress.”
6:40 – My advice for an aspiring entrepreneur.
8:40 – How the stigma of being an entrepreneur has evolved.
9:50 – Why Mike Walter’s latest literary effort makes him one of the coolest entrepreneurs in the biz.
11:10 – How I pay it forward & why Thom and I agree that successful entrepreneurs should be grateful.
To hear the full interview and to learn more about Thom’s impressive career as a speaker, author, and thought leader, visit


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