The Director’s Cut for DJs: Marcello Recommends- A Wedding With Mike Walter

A Wedding With Mike Walter, Mike Walter, Elite Entertainment, Mobile DJ TrainingWhen I do get the chance to enjoy a good movie, one of my favorite things to watch is the director’s cut.  The appeal is similar to that of the popular TV show, How It’s MadeThe viewers get to see some very cool unedited footage, they get to learn about the psychology behind a particular scene, and they get an inside look at all the players who came together to create the finished product.

I’m excited to tell my friends and colleagues in the live events industry that Mike Walter, owner of Elite Entertainment, has just added yet another stellar training video to his exceptional portfolio called A Wedding With Mike Walter.  It’s in the style of a director’s cut and is geared specifically towards mobile djs and emcees.  It features 4 hours of perfectly-timed commentary and text explanations by Walter himself that’s designed to demonstrate how some of the most successful entertainers can help create an unforgettable wedding reception for their guests.  (Even if it’s not the “perfect” crowd.)


A few of the nuggets that both newer entertainers and seasoned veterans will take away include;

-Why patience can pay off when seeking a Wedding Wire review

-How to make the most of raw footage for marketing purposes

-How to make your banquet team look good and make things easier for your fellow event pros

-Why it’s important to remember when the break is coming for every song you play

-How skillful music programming during dinner- and immediately after, can help set the tone for the final hour

-How getting more information in the planning stage can help prevent missed opportunities to personalize key moments

-Why you should be using your iPad for more than watching movies on plane

-Why “cheesy” is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to giveaways

-How Sinatra and Elvis can save a questionable Ellie Goulding request

I love it when people I respect keep things real.  I respect Mike even more now for producing a training video that includes “warts and all.”  It would have been easy for him to wait until he had a perfect 10 wedding or make a few edits to the footage he shared and simply show himself delivering a “perfect” performance.  Instead, Mike chose to show a few minor blemishes in order to help better educate the viewer.  (But then again, if you know Mike, that’s just how he rolls.)  This was also a great reminder that there are no “Take Two” opportunities at live events.  True mobile entertainment professionals know how to ‘keep calm and mix on’ without missing a beat- even if you literally miss a beat once in awhile.

If you’ve purchased any of Mike’s books or DVDs in the past, you know that you can expect a high quality product and  an even higher return on investment.  A Wedding With Mike Walter is no different.   It’s like sitting down and watching Goodfellas with Scorsese and him telling you why he shot that Copacabana kitchen scene the way he did.

Click here to order your copy.

Have fun and enjoy this unique learning experience.


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