Neen Jame’s Book Review of Celebrate Life- A “Brilliant Book” by Marcello Pedalino

Neen James just gave Marcello’s new book her “AH – MAZING” stamp of approval.

For those of you unfamiliar with the eternally “Happy Little Aussie,” Neen is a prominent keynote speaker, global thought leader, Super-Productivity expert, and “Attention” aficionado. *She’s also one of the most generous, coolest, and stylish entrepreneurs in Marcello’s circle of influence.

To learn more about Neen and to check out her latest book on how to profit from paying attention, visit Neen is also featured in chapter two of Mr. Pedalino’s book. Her advice to “surround yourself with the right people” and “do what matters” has had an incredible impact on his life.


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