We Never Stop Learning- The Celebrate Life® Series features Matt Radicelli from Rock The House Entertainment Group

If you want to learn more about pragmatism, efficiency, and what it really takes to orchestrate an exceptional enterprise, make an appointment with my next guest on The Celebrate Life® Series. Matt Radicelli, founder and CEO of Rock The House Entertainment Group, is a gifted entrepreneur and deft team manager who embraces the new normal of ever-changing technology and rapid fire challenges in the workplace.

When he’s not doing something totally cool with his family (#radfamlove) and sharing it with the world on Instagram, or something youtube-worthy with his RTH team, Radicelli is helping motivated individuals become the best they can be as a mentor and business coach.

@Matt_Radicelli (Instagram)

Continued success,

The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.

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