How Did He Do That? Edward Anastasio from Ephemera Photographics Likes To Get Down for His Clientele

Jen and Evan- Photo by Edward Anastasio, Ephemera Photographics

I attended a wedding a few weeks back for some dear friends.   As it turns out, some dear friends were also providing the entertainment and photography.  The handsome and multi-talented performer, Jay Thomson, served as Emcee and the incomparable, Edward Anastasio, captured the magic with his camera.

My favorite shot of the day was taken in the back of the venue in the pool. (Literally) 🙂  It was just another day at the office for Ed, who is one of the best in the business when it comes to creative angles, a little attitude, glorious quality and impressive results.

Edward Anistasio in action- photo by Bill Giersbach

Congrats to Jenn and Evan!

The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.

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