“The Night Was Amazing” – Frank & Tina’s Wedding Reception at Perona Farms

Mother Nature definitely smiled down on Frank and Tina this past summer at Perona Farms in Sussex County NJ.  After nearly 10 straight days of rain, and only 5 minutes before their ceremony was about to begin, the skies finally cleared up and the sun came out just in time for their nuptials!

We quickly re-set up our equipment outside and helped dry off all of the chairs.  It was on!!     Frank and Tina wanted to have The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!  And now, thanks to some good karma that they totally earned for being such awesome people…. the reception of their dreams was taking place right before their eyes!

As you’ll see in the extended highlight reel and live video clips, Frank and Tina’s family and friends helped to make this an unforgettable day.  They brought a ton of  positive energy to the occasion and made sure that their dancing shoes were ready for the dance floor from start to finish!

A few times each year, we have clients that want to take their once-in-a-lifetime celebration to the next level.  They know that the entertainment and event production are key components.  Frank and Tina wanted a their reception to be a Signature Level Event Collaboration

With the help of my good friend, creative partner and one of the country’s premier mixologists, Jason Jani, it was a pleasure to make that happen!

Congratulations and best wishes to Frank and Tina!

The MMP Entertainment and Event Production Team helps the world Celebrate Life! MMP is led by Executive Director, 3-Time National DJ Entertainer of the Year and ADJA Leadership Award recipient, Marcello Pedalino.

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