Productivity Tips to Help You Conquer the World from Neen James

The Celebrate Life Series continues with another special segment on social media guidance and technology tips for our discerning clientele and viewers who appreciate helpful advice that can make their lives better.

This episode features super-productivity expert and author of Folding Time, Neen James.  She is an absolute master of efficiency, staying connected and knowing how to live life to the fullest. 

I caught up with the fabulous Aussie  at a recent business symposium and asked her to share a few of the apps and strategies that she utilizes  to conquer the world everyday.

Check out the video to learn how you can be more productive, consolidate your social media platforms, sleep better and even fine tune your diet.

If you love Neen’s positive mojo and infectious zest for life like I do, follow her Twitter. 

Best wishes and continued success Ms. James!

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