How to Increase Engagement by Focusing on the Environment: Marcello Pedalino featured in Folding Time

MMP Entertainment and Event Production‘s Executive Director, Marcello Pedalino, was featured this month in the new book from productivity expert Neen James, Folding Time.  “How To Achieve Twice As Much In Half The Time.”

Neen’s latest book is about being accountable for our time, engaging our attention and leveraging our energy.”  It provides tested systems and processes that can enable you to enjoy a better quality of life, grow your business, advance your career, enjoy deeper relationships, build your reputation, increase your personal profile, and have the pleasure of reconnecting with friends, colleagues and family members.”

Mrs. James asked Marcello to share his insights on How to Increase Engagement by Focusing on the Environment.   The excerpt is below.

Bravo Marcello!  – DH

Productivity is more than managing time.  True Productivity is the combination of how you manage your time, focus your your attention and manage your energy.  The most productive people I know do less, not more. (Yes, you read that right. ) They do more of the things that energize them.

Keeping the attention of others on a daily basis can be a challenge, so recently we interviewed people we admire to ask about the secrets of they effectively engage people.

One of the most successful leaders we interviewed was Marcello Pedalino.  He believes in celebrating  life and enjoying the journey through this world as much as possible; to work hard and play hard is his motto.

From the first moment you meet him you are aware of his undivided attention, genuine smile and exceptional conversational skills.  I was fortunate enough to be part of an invitation-only retreat for top entertainers in the USA, where I met the most fascinating people.  This group of award winning entertainers considers it their calling to provide experiences for people that they will treasure for a lifetime. 

When asking Marcello how he engages people, he shared, “By smiling and being as polite as possible.” This seems obvious right?  Then why don’t more leaders do this?   He continued to share that if the situation demands more than just “good manners and genuine eye contact,” the next strategy is to gain control of the surroundings that directly affect people’s sensory system.

He shared that when his company provides the entertainment, production and hospitality for an event, they make sure that guests are comfortable throughout the celebration.  Guests who are comfortable are in a good mood… if they are in a good mood, they are happy.  Happy people are extremely receptive to taking verbal direction, getting involved and following your lead.

Smell, hearing, sight and temperature are all essential elements of comfort. When people smell tantalizing aromas, listen to the perfect song at the right volume, look at a well-groomed performer or event host in a beautifully decorated space, and their body is like Goldilocks’s porridge, they are extremely receptive to engagement from an effective conversationalist… especially one who knows how to adjust oratory delivery based on the demographics and personalities in the room. 




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