Rock That Body: How To Maintain Peak Performance

When your discerning clientele expects nothing less than stellar service and the best possible performance you can deliver throughout their entertainment experience; staying fit is not only helpful… it’s mandatory.

In addition to a healthy diet and a strong focus on a lifestyle that promotes balance, happiness and fulfillment; a regular wellness routine is paramount for maintaining an optimum fitness level.

A few friends from the special events industry made the trip up to my “gym,” The Randolph YMCA, for a fun little workout. Bobby Carpenter from Main Event Weddings, Mike Walter from Elite Entertainment and Vincent Velasquez from Hurricane Productions joined me and one of my regular workout partners, Carlos, (El Toro) for a high-energy afternoon.

We did a few of my favorite core training circuits, boxing drills, medicine ball exercises and plyometric routines. We also utilized the Y’s incredible aquatic center for some deep water verticals, finning and their awesome underwater treadmills.

*Having an ever-evolving, diversified wellness program and surrounding yourself with fabulous people to keep you motivated, accountable and on track– is the key if you want to continue waking up early in the mornings and maintain peak performance levels.

Special thanks to Bill Lamia and Kathy Fischer from the Randolph YMCA for welcoming my colleagues to their impressive facility. We’re looking forward to our next session.

Health and Happiness,

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2 Responses to “Rock That Body: How To Maintain Peak Performance”
  1. Jake says:

    This is something that I have been saying for years. I feel that DJ/MC’s need to act as though we are anyone else in the entertainment industry (actors/actresses, musicians), and have eye appeal. I feel working out, eating right, and dressing to impress is as much of my day to day operations, as paperwork and client relations.

    I also feel that being a DJ is a young mans game, so what better way to stay feeling young than working out on a regular basis? Glad to see that I have the same wellness ideas as others in the industry.

  2. Marcello says:

    Good afternoon Jake,

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s great that you’ve also discovered the benefits of wellness.
    I look forward to catching up with you at a future convention.

    “I feel working out, eating right, and dressing to impress is as much of my day to day operations, as paperwork and client relations.”

    Well said.

    Continued health, happiness and success!


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