The Celebrate Life Series, Episode 15: Tony Tee Neto from DropHouse Studios- A Creative Voice

At a recent keynote presentation by Mike Walter,  author of the book, 10 Things You Can Do To Have  A Better Day, I had the opportunity to ask some of the top entertainers and event producers in New Jersey for some advice that would benefit my clients and anyone else tuning in who was planning a milestone celebration.   This is the 15th episode of MMP’s online video resource, The Celebrate Life series.

These industry rock stars were kind enough to share some advice they’ve given to their clients over the years that helped them have an unforgettable experience filled with exceptional entertainment and hospitality.  This installment of the Celebrate Life series features my good friend, Tony Tee Neto, from Drop House Studios and The SCE Event Group.

I asked Tony how couples can make their wedding receptions more personalized, fun and memorable.  Tony recommends utilizing the art of audio imaging & custom editing to take your celebratory experience to the next level.   In this interview, you’ll see how Tony helped his clients have a distinctive blessing that their guests will always remember fondly.   

As you get to know Neto, you’ll quickly realize just how talented and passionate he is when it comes to his vocal prowess, studio technique and mobile DJ resume.

You can contact Tony at: 732.372.7347

You can follow Tony on Instagram at:@tonyteeneto

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