Pomptonian Food Service: A Positive Corporate Culture

Mark Vidovich, President of Pomptonian Food Service

MMP has had the pleasure of serving the Pomptonian Food Service team for almost 20 years.   Whether it’s their annual company picnic, networking gala or manager’s meeting, it’s always a blast to see how they mix productive business practices with fun and entertaining team building.

Pomptonian  is responsible for serving 180,000 healthy and tasty school lunches daily.  Yeah… that’s a lot of lunches!

If the logistics of running an operation on that scale weren’t daunting enough, the rules and regulations that have to be adhered to would make most businesses call it quits by the end of September.

Pomptonian keeps their team up to date and well-versed in all the latest laws and procedural requirements.  Sound a little boring?  Some of it is!  🙂   That’s why they hire MMP to re-energize the troops througout the 1/2 day gathering.

This little clip is an example of how Mark Vidovich, Pomptonian’s President, likes to see his “meetings” end.   Mark knows the importance of having a positive corporate culture:  one that instills inspiration and happiness in the hearts of its team members. 

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