Grace Ormonde Brings Luxury, Beauty and Passion to New Jersey Wedding Professionals at The Crystal Plaza

The Grace Ormonde Weddings Collection

Above and beyond the inspirational artistry displayed on the pages of her new book, Grace Ormonde Weddings- “being in love never goes out of style,” it’s easy to see why people were lining up to pay $125 for her gorgeous coffee table collection piece last night when it also contains personal quotes like this…

“Ultimately, our ability to dream is what motivates us, and our ability to love is what sustains us.” – Grace Ormonde

After 10 years of documenting extraordinary weddings, producing bridal expositions and being the Editor-in-Chief of Wedding Style, (a seasonal magazine that features the luxurious sources for fashion, jewelry, lifestyle etc.), Ormonde designed a comprehensive work of art that includes her greatest hits and personal favorites within its pages.

From our little chat, Grace struck me as a kind soul who truly appreciates limitless possibilities with regard to aesthetics and the entrepreneurial spirit.  It didn’t surprise me when I learned later on that Grace’s family grew up in a modest home on the island of Terceria where the nearby ocean view supplied her with a lifetime of inspiration to draw from.

Grace Ormonde and Marcello Pedalino

People with a genuine love and appreciation for the positive energy and therapeutic qualities that the ocean offers seem to be kindred spirits.    Add a  little international, Latin or European flair to the mix and life is really good.  🙂 Order the book  .Follow Grace on Twitter

It was great to see some of New Jersey’s wedding and special event glitterati last night and  meet a few new rising stars who also came out for Grace’s signing;  Wedding Cinematographer Rob Adams,  Photographer Vanessa Joy, the owners of Bride Live- Jay Thomson & Mike Hernadez,  Photographer Ellen Marc, the design team for CW&I Andrea Daly & Kristin Badolato, Wedding Photo Journalist Jessica Lark, & Matthew & Kim Findlay from Crest Florist (the father and daughter team who had my favorite table design of the night.)

Special thanks to Allan Janoff, Nella, Jason & Marco from The Crystal Plaza for their continued support and gracious hospitality.  I’m delighted that MMP’s 2012  event calender has us returning for another exceptional collaboration.



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4 Responses to “Grace Ormonde Brings Luxury, Beauty and Passion to New Jersey Wedding Professionals at The Crystal Plaza”
  1. Hi Marcello!

    Thanks so much for featuring us in your blog! It was wonderful meeting with you last night and you are a pleasure to talk to! I hope we get the opportunity to work together on future projects. Thanks again!

    Kristin Badolato

  2. Jay Thomson says:


    It was great seeing you last night as well. Grace Ormonde events are always of the highest caliber.

    No idea you and Rob were family. He is a great guy and an amazing cinematographer! I’ve always enjoyed working with him and Vanessa.

    Have a wonderful holiday with the family and I appreciate the pictures and the blog post.

    See you soon.


  3. Jessica Lark says:

    Hello Marcello!

    It was so lovely to meet you the other night at Grace’s Book Signing, your charisma fills the room undoubtedly 🙂 and I’m so glad our paths crossed.

    I too very much am looking forward to finding a creative means to collaborate.

    If you have any need for my services please do not hesitate to drop me a line, my schedule is hectic, but if I am able I would be honored to assist in any way possible in exchange for the pleasure of your company 🙂

    All my Best,


  4. Marcello says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for making it impossible to concentrate this morning. I visited the JLark site again and lost all ability to focus. 🙂 Your artistry relentlessly penetrates the viewer.

    Best wishes,


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