Girl Power! Jamie Broderick Empowers and Inspires the Ladies of Buck’s County in Network Now

Jamie Broderick- Network Now Founder

Their tag line is, “It’s Who You Know.”  Fitting, because, the reason I was at the 4th annual Network Now meeting was because I knew Michael Port. After a nice lunch last month with Michael and Neen James, I was invited to join this year’s event.  Speaking of Neen and who you know, I dropped her name when I met Cindy Po, owner of Serenity Fit, and her face lit up like a bride on her wedding day.   Turns out, Neen, a global productivity expert, is one of Cindy’s mentors and has had a tremendous impact on her life.  And speaking of ‘tremendous impact,’ the founder of Network Now, Jamie Broderick, seems to have touched the lives of all the grateful members in this impressive organization.

You couldn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t helped, empowered or inspired by Jamie in some way.  It was an awesome vibe.  Way beyond a bunch of complacent women gathered together to gossip or talk  about the Kardashians and the NJ Housewives…. Network Now is a professional organization that is made up of driven women with an entrepreneurial spirit that genuinely care about each other’s unique journey and how they can assist in their quest for success.

Network Now Logo

The theme of the night was offered up by the host, Mr. Port.    After a few of the special guests spoke briefly about their companies and offered up a few toasts of appreciation for Jamie and the network, Michael added some pretty deep fodder for introspection.    The gist of his message was, ‘be someone- that other people want to help.’ I think the take-away from his mini 4 minute sermon was to be ethical, be supportive, and be the best ‘you’ that you can be for others so you’ll have the power of many vs. the power of one.   As a fan of Karma and paying it forward, this sentiment was right up my alley.

I knew these warm fuzzies were legit when I met Sabine Hayes, from Phase Five Interiors.   After exchanging initial pleasantries with her and Kimberly Hallman, from Devine Powers, Sabine simply asked… “how can I help you and your business.” And she meant it.  Very cool.

4th Annual Network Now Event- Petra Kolber, Michael Port, Ellen Marie Cox, Jamie Broderick, Marcello Pedalino, Lynn Doyle

The event was filled with some of the best and brightest in the Bucks County area.  It was a pleasure to meet everyone.  These were some of the future Fortune 500 CEOs that I had the chance to connect with; Lynn Doyle from It’s Your Call, Darlene Centanni from Centennial Blueprint, Susan Rovello from Creative Solutions, Ellen Marie Cox from Mary Kay, Michelle Spatz from Fabric Goddess, and Laura Pedrick from Pedrick Photography who was kind enough to take and share this photo with us.

Special thanks to Michael Breslin and his partners, Gene Agnew and Martin Hoegar, from Bitter Green Catering, who provided the delectable cuisine for the evening.  Among many, my culinary favorites were the crab appetizer and scallops wrapped in bacon. Phenomenal!

And of course, to the host and hostess with mostess, Michael Port and the lovely Petra Kolber, thank you for your generous hospitality and friendship.

Continued success!  -mp

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