Someone to Watch Over Me

This was one of my grandmother’s favorite songs.

It’s been 6 years since she passed away.  I still think of her often… especially during the summer.  That’s when we spent the most time together at her beach house.

We went to the movies, played bingo, watched Judge Judy, and walked the boardwalk every morning so we could eat like champs at night.

Grandma Dora seemed to have an endless supply of fresh mozzarella,  breaded veal cutlets, macaroni and perfectly- sweetened iced tea in the kitchen.

After mowing the lawn the other day it started to rain.  I looked up from the bottom of the driveway and saw this beautiful rainbow.  It was as if Grandma was letting me know that she’s still lookin’ out for me and my family.

Thanks grandma.  I really miss you.



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