The Perfect Host: Indy’s Jim Cerone Lives Up To His Title

The Perfect Host: Indy's only Wedding Entertainment Director, Jim Cerone

“He’s a gentleman and a scholar.”  That’s a  phrase you can’t use too often anymore and probably why Jim Cerone stands out from the crowd.   I’m sure being 6ft. 4 also helps the cause.

Cerone is the only  certified Wedding Entertainment Director from Indianapolis and one of the finest special event performers in the country. Need some more street cred?  No problem…  (or as Jim likes to say, “My Pleasure.”  Cerone was recently elected to serve as Indiana’s President for the International Special Events Society.

This past week, Jim hosted an exclusive  business conference at the luxurious Conrad Hotel.  The V.I.P list of attendees were treated to three days of top-notch educational seminars from some of the best and brightest speakers on the circuit.  I’d love to reveal the line-up and what we all learned, but then you’d see a pop up window saying that your computer will self-destruct in 5 seconds. What I  can divulge is that MMP’s social and corporate clientele will appreciate what we implement in the coming months.

To earn the reputation of The Perfect Host, you’ve really got to be firing on all cylinders as a professional and be:

Marcello Pedalino, Jim Cerone & Jason Jani taking a Celebrate Life study break in Indianapolis

1) Someone who not only picks you up from the airport, but comes inside for an hour just so you can watch the extended time and shootout of the U.S Women’s Soccer Championship game…

2) Someone who continually asks “is there anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable” when a 104 degree heat-wave hits town…

3)  Someone who personally guides a walking tour along the gorgeous canals in the morning for those who like to exercise and see the sights…

4) And Someone who prioritizes his life by making time to sit down and eat with his lovely wife, Rosie, and play with his well-mannered sons, Jimmy and Joey, at the pool even though he has a formidable list of type A over-achievers to  coddle for the week…

With sincere gratitude and a humble tip of the hat, I offer kudos and congrats to The Perfect Host… my dear friend, Jim Cerone.  -mp


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2 Responses to “The Perfect Host: Indy’s Jim Cerone Lives Up To His Title”
  1. Jodi Harris says:

    I agree with everything you wrote Marcello. Jim Cerone did an amazing job of hosting this group (me included). What an amazing week thanks to Jim. He truly is the PERFECT HOST. Thank you Marcello for taking the time to thank this incredible man! God bless.

  2. Marcello says:

    My pleasure Jodi! 🙂

    It was great to see you last week… especially in the Indy 500 press room!

    See you in Vegas!

    Continued success,


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