Marcello Pedalino to Join Michael Port in Tennessee on the Appalachian Summer Symposium Line-up

Marcello Pedalino

Michael Port

After reading the best seller, Book Yourself  Solid, a few years ago, Michael Port has continued to have a significant impact on MMP’s success. When my business was being profiled for a local business story, I credited Port’s latest literary effort when the reporter asked me if I had any advice for entrepreneurs.  “I’m reading a great book by Michael Port. He puts our business philosophy very eloquently.  Develop your credibility,  establish yourself as an expert, strive to be your best- most likable self, and you’ll quickly become the most obvious choice for your potential clients.”  These words of wisdom have served MMP Entertainment well.

Book Yourself Solid

Fast forward to 2011.   Robbie Britton, producer of ARMDJS 4.0, has invited me to join the stellar ensemble cast of industry-notable presenters and special guest speaker, Michael Port. Needless to say-  I’m honored, flattered and very excited.

The content of the symposium will cover areas of performance and business characteristics that are paramount to a successful company.  Michael Port will speak on Bookings, Larry Williams on Service, David Louis on Networking, Peter Merry on Value, Todd Mitchem on Control, Tom Halibek on Speaking, Mike Walter on Training, and my seminar will address- Energy. I’ll be sharing ways that entertainers can harness their physical and creative power so they can recharge their performances.

Tuesday, June 21, & Wednesday, June 22, 2011.

See you in Tennessee!  -mp

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